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Could this be autism?

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Could this be autism?

Postby Haydenck » Sat Sep 23, 2017 11:04 pm

My kid has had problems with clothes all her life. When she was in grade school she hated underwear and refused to wear it. We could only get her to wear boys boxers. She wouldn't wear pants. She'd only wear skirts and dresses. In about 3rd grade she'd only wear this one outfit. It was a stretchy black skirt and a t shirt. She wouldn't wash it either. If you wash her clothes she won't wear it anymore. When she reached middle school she wouldn't wear a bra. She said she hated how it felt. The other kids bullied her. Then in middle school she only wore Large black hoodies that she never washed with sweatpants. She wore the same thing everyday and refused to wash it. She still won't wear girls underwear. She can wear pants now but nothing tight. All her clothes are baggy and unwashed. Could she be autistic? She has other symptoms that make me believe this, trouble talking to other kids, not very social, hides in her room a lot, etc.
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