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Feeling overwhelmed for high number of interests / opps

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Feeling overwhelmed for high number of interests / opps

Postby cant » Thu Mar 16, 2023 4:23 am

For some time now I have felt the need to know / research what interests me, almost obsessively, and to be more involved / not miss opportunities in the sector that I find interesting.
However, the search and the amount of information can become overwhelming to such an extent that it becomes not a pleasant thing but rather creates confusion.
This is also due to the high number of interests.

To give an example, I recently became interested in "self-help" literature.
An initial curiosity led to a search on the list of "self-help" strands and sub-sectors, best-selling books by sector and, possibly, to wanting to experiment by researching interest groups in my area.
This, in turn, has led to additional information and a sense of overwhelm with the possibilities presented to me (for example, which group to join, contact or similar) which often leads me to think "there is too much there ' out".

To tidy up my thoughts a bit, in the past I have used classifications (for example, the Dewey classification) to try to better address my interests and make more targeted searches.
Other international classifications, such as those on professions or economic activities, have been used as "shopping lists" to try to navigate more easily the mass of things that exist / possibilities that present themselves to me and better direct my searches, aspirations professional or similar.

In short, I would like to understand which kind of disorder we are talking about and possible ways to address these moments of overwhelming feelings I mentioned before. For this reason, I am not even sure this is the right section.
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