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Learning to Cope With Adut ADHD

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Learning to Cope With Adut ADHD

Postby weedmaster » Sat Sep 12, 2020 11:32 am

Hey everyone. Greetings and thanks for stopping by for a read.

I won't start with my name yet until I get to know the site a bit better, but I'm in Eastern Canada and I'm 57 years old. Last year I got in trouble with the law when a lot of abuse from my past finally caught up with me. I did nothing to hurt anyone, I just had stuff I shouldn't have had.

I have depression/anxiety which is being treated, and last summer I was also diagnosed with ADHD and PTSD. The PTSD has its own set of triggers and I'm not worrying about it for now; that was brought on by workplace harassment and I'm out of there.

As my username weedmaster implies, I smoke pot to keep my out-of-control thoughts under control and I'm finding some strains that work better than others. I'm growing a couple hash plants right now because they are high in CBD, and in a month or so I'll cut them and give those a try. I have a prescription for Concerta (time-release Ritalin) right now, but it doesn't seem to be quite enough and some supplemental weed and LOTS of coffee give me a little kick in the arse.

Anyway, I'll sign off for now so the Moderators can get to know my situation and hopefully post my message soon. I look forward to getting to know some of you in the near future and share experiences. Cheers for now.
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