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Just need a friend

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Just need a friend

Postby chillyla » Fri May 08, 2020 1:27 am

I'm hoping to find here someone with whom I can relate. I just need to hear (or read) someone say, "I understand." The only family I have are a husband, an adult daughter who lives far away, and an adult niece who stays with me on and off. They are sick of hearing the word ADD. In fact they're rarely interested in anything I want to say. Now my horror story: I wasn't diagnosed until in my 40's and never treated for ADD. I have been treated for depression all my adult life (although I was depressed even in childhood.) I have been treated for severe anxiety and bipolar disorder for years. Now, the worst of it. I have always been a failure, and never lived up to potential even though I'm quite smart. And, (brace yourself,) I'm 60 years old! 60 years of excruciating mental torment! I live in an area of the US where there are NO good professionals who understand ADD in adults. It seems there is no help for me at all. I have felt hopeless and SO alone for years. I honestly feel that something in me is going to snap soon. I can hardly stand it. I just want relief! By the way, I've done all the research online and listened to experts on ADD. Knowing all about ADD doesn't help much when I can't be treated. I feel my life is swiftly nearing it's end, never having found relief. Just needed to say this where someone, somewhere might see it and relate or understand. Thanks for reading. Hope I didn't depress anyone.
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