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prescription issues

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prescription issues

Postby Youdoofus » Thu Apr 25, 2019 9:27 pm

I have been on most SSRIs known to man and even a great deal of SNRI medications and currently am prescribed an antipsychotic which i am not doing well with. The dr just wants me to keep trying medications that havent worked over and over again. I have taken dextroamphetamine that i got from a friend at a very reasonable dose for a few months and ive never felt more calm, collected and stable in my adult life. I am posting because i want to know how to properly illustrate that i would really like to try this medication to my doctor. They have mentioned a several page form that i would need to fill out, and ive filled it out before and i didnt apparently fall into their definition of who needs this med. Any thoughts on how to approach this form and the dr? Ive tried being honest and straight up told her about the time i spent using the med
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