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Postby robakker223 » Tue Dec 11, 2018 9:13 am

Hi guys

Why do I do this? It's like every time I'm about to reach a "breakthrough" I get this huge urge to procrastinate. For example I just found an article that could be of huge help in a new job I started but instead of reading it I get the overwhelming urge to "take a break". However when I'm just reading other articles that aren't that 'important' I can read them just fine all though I am a very distractable person, perhaps with moderate/severe ADD. The urge to procrastinate is strongest when I am about to undertake something truly important or potentially life changing. Life changing as in applying lessons from this article can directly contribute to my success in this new role. Why can't I just buckle down and get through it? Is this a form of self-sabotage? Or another psychologic phenomenon that I might not be aware off?

Thank you
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