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Is it ADHD?

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Is it ADHD?

Postby WaterFox » Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:10 pm

Good Evening!

First sorry for my english.
Since I am kid I'm jumping and walking in my room thinking and imaginating things. I was a good pupils in elementary school thanks to my mom who made me works. I was bullied and I had no friend until I turn 16.
I failed at the Test of attention performance. I have a heterogenic hq 131 of verbal 128 in working memory 90 in perceptual memory and 78 processing speed.
I smoke a lot and I can spend money compulsively. People sometimes think i'm talking too much.
I feel relax on cocaine too (I've heard it's a symptom) and i'm not a big consumer.
It's hard for me to start a homework (I'm 26 students postgraduate actually) and hard to finish it. I always have 30 tabs open in my computer. And sometimes I'm searching stuff like history of the train or toilet paper last time i listened all the opening theme of Merry melodies.

Is it adhd?
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