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Postby exrec9 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 7:55 pm

Hello all,
When I was a child (looking back now) I had a high level of ADD but my father refused medication so I went through school and had a tough time. Now I'm 48 and find my ADD is out of control. I've been fired from jobs, pissed off family members etc as I cannot focus on anything. I do get spurts of attention but its never for what I should be doing. I've tried adderall, concerta, ritalin, focalin etc and find that even on escalating doses it works for a day or two then i'm back to my old ways. Last week, after running out of my adderall some 2-3 weeks before I went back to my concerta and started taking it. Then I doubled the dose! For 3 hours I was ultra focused and then boom, the next day nothing.

Its so hard finding a good doc, let alone therapist who doesn't watch the damn clock the whole time you are there. I'm looking for help and have no idea where to go. Forget books cant get through em. Even typing this out is painful but i know i need help.

Thank you
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