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ADHD assessment in Melbourne, Australia

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ADHD assessment in Melbourne, Australia

Postby brainkosong » Wed Jun 20, 2018 5:40 am

I'm wondering which mental health professional would be willing to give an official diagnosis of possible ADHD. All I want is a proper, formal assessment which would lead to a diagnosis.

I also think I may have Aspergers and OCD, but I've seen dozens of psychs over the past decade and NONE of them are willing to formally assess me. They only verbally diagnose me by saying "You have OCD" or "You have Aspergers". No formal documentation, no reports just a one-lined verbal statement.

Anyone here who knows of any clinical psychologist/psychiatrist/neurologist/neuropsychiatrist/etc in Melbourne (preferred) or any other states in Australia who does a formal assessment?
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