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Very complex disorder please help!

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Very complex disorder please help!

Postby Akhil » Fri May 25, 2018 11:54 am

It began 8 years earlier when I started playing iq increasing game and detecting other people's lies. Then I became a bit paranoid regarding other people's motive. There was one fellow in my office who was very slow but extremely accurate I started following him as though I was fast I was very inaccurate since the beginning I started becoming like him very slow, accuracy improved but not that much as is the normal. After 1 year I started thinking that I smell a lot. This has the effect that I constantly started feeling that everyone is noticing that because of which I became depressed. Than I left the job for studies while studying I started for the first time to stay up late. During that time I started becoming psycho I thought that I have supernatural powers I can change everything. Then again I started working fast after which I thought that everyone including. My family is planning against me. My whole life was a mystery. Due to which I went to a psychiatrist in the starting he gave me multivitamins I slept a lot that feeling of supernatural powers and planning and plotting went away. But I was depressed that I am somewhat less intelligent and make more mistakes and forget things due to which I had a lack of confidence. Here I am currently have worked for 1 and a half year in which I have changed 7 jobs with the feeling that I make more mistakes and forget things these things have been said by other colleagues and bosses also. But may be that can be due to not paying much attention as I am depressed. I have been given multi vitamins , nootropics, antidepressants but still I am not able to work. I also have a feeling that when I slow down a lot I become good at decision making and my accuracy improves and I do not forget anything but if I slow down that much everyone will come to know that I am not mentally well and speed is essential in todays work. I am damn sure about the last line. But I do not see a way out. Please help!
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