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i dont know how to act

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i dont know how to act

Postby amicrazyornot » Mon May 16, 2022 6:47 pm

ok i dont know if i have aspergers iv always suspected i might have anyways the problem iv been having is with socializing. for example, i would keep a journal and just jot down things iv learned in life. and i learned that your thoughts/mind controls your actions/behavior so im watching my thoughts (because iv been dealing with depression and i dont want a negative thought to influence a negative action and i also thought my brother was an alien because iv been smoking marijuana and prob got schizophrenia and i did something stupid and went to jail) and i feel like i dont know how to socialize because im always spending time in my head. and i feel like this journal is holding me back from being normal because most people dont keep a journal/diary. i feel like it just messes with my head.
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