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Apologies to anyone I offended / brainwashed (8+ years ago)

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Apologies to anyone I offended / brainwashed (8+ years ago)

Postby RomaniGypsy » Sun Feb 07, 2021 2:01 am

I just came back here after a roughly 8-year hiatus, and discovered some of the stuff I had posted back in those days.

If anyone remembers anything I said back in the day, I'm sorry. Since then I have had a total change of ideology on account of some undeniable life experiences. Where I was once a super-religious conservative, I have since renounced religion and become the most liberal person I know. I was a Bible-thumper then; I'm a hippie now.

I don't even want to read everything I wrote back then, and I encourage you all not to do the same unless you want to use it as a case study on how someone can change ideology so extremely. I recognize that now some of y'all are going to be curious and will want to search my old posts, but if you want to get an idea of how I am now, don't. The RomaniGypsy of 2021 bears no ideological resemblance to the RomaniGypsy of 2013.

And it's the Asperger's that helped me see the light. Stuff happened and I thought through it logically. My marriage managed to survive my ideological change because my wife changed too, but it took three years and we almost ended up divorced. (We both strongly desired ideological similarity in a spouse, and I gave her the chance to do what she could to "bring me back" to the way I used to be. She finally admitted that she couldn't, because she knew all along that I was right and fought me only because she was afraid of the far-reaching consequences of admitting that.)

I sure am glad I have this condition.
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