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Act "normal"

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Act "normal"

Postby KingPinX » Fri Sep 27, 2019 9:29 am

Hey everyone,

I recently found out that I might have aspergers. It would explain a lot and the symptoms just fit me like a glove.

I suffered from severe OCD in my childhood/teen years and habe strong narcissistic tendencys.

I would just like tojump into cold waters and ask youvguys for hints on how to get along better in everyday life. What did you change since you are aware of your condition?

What do I need to do in order to immediatly imrove my life? You know what I mean.
pwNPD here. Message me if you have questions.
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Re: Act "normal"

Postby erickd1425 » Tue Oct 15, 2019 12:45 am

Hi. I'm new myself, so I can't offer too much.
But I find myself get into trouble most often when I try to keep the pace of a conversation (or argument) set by the NT's. I think that slowing things down will make you a better advocate for yourself. The downside is that you can be left behind and it leaves you feeling as if you were never a part of the conversation in the first place.

Self deprecating humor is my antidote for narcissism. Pick something benign to laugh at yourself about. Then verbalize it. Look up some jokes if you aren't creative. It'll keep you grounded.
Remember you are special. We all are. which means none off us are. But you are..
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Re: Act "normal"

Postby SakraNomoko » Fri Dec 06, 2019 7:19 am

I think prepared statements are a good idea. If a conversation was awkward, think later on what responses you've seen people use and what would've worked for the situation. Then add those options to your repertoire for when you encounter a similar situation. The more options you have, the more at ease you will be in interacting with people.

It's important you use statements that you mean, as well. If people see you as honest and well-meaning, they tend to give you more grace when the occasional faux pas happens.

Secondarily, find someone that generally gets along with others and spend some time with them (gaming, food, whatever they're interested in). Not only is this a good resource for better social options, but, as you spend time with them, you will naturally tend to adopt their mannerisms, which will be a boon for when you run into circumstances that you did not prepare for.

Finally, to appeal to your narcissistic tendencies, realize that being kind to others nets you social capital. In terms of finances, goodwill is an intangible asset. As people with these conditions, we often spend more goodwill than is standard. As with the stock market, do not look to cash in on goodwill by asking for favors and the like. The longer your investment, the better your portfolio will look in the long term. When the time comes, and you really need something (best if not monetary), you will find it extraordinarily easier to get, as well as live a more comfortable life in the meantime.
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