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Zero Friends

Postby unoon » Fri Jul 12, 2019 4:11 pm

I’m 25 and having a hard time caring enough to make friends. I went back to therapy at the beginning of the year and tried numerous times to make some connection, but I still don’t intuitively understand the appeal. This led to an ASD diagnosis but at first I was really afraid I might be Schizoid – so much so I posted on the Schizoid forum. I felt lost until my psych recently gave me some great advice. He said I have a choice: either learn to cope with dumb people or put in the necessary effort to hang out with smart people; otherwise I run out of $#%^ to talk about quickly. So, I wanted to ask, do you still have any difficulty with maintaining a social circle and what have you learned about being aspi and still having friends? Thanks for your help.
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