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When NTs acts aspergerish about certain topics...........

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When NTs acts aspergerish about certain topics...........

Postby SauronineKnight » Thu Aug 30, 2018 7:04 pm

Why isn't it criticized?

Some preliminary stuff. Read this link I found on reddit.

https://www.reddit.com/r/aspergers/comm ... in_topics/

With that said, I notice with those two topics, patriotism and religion, NTs act very ASPERGERISH. I'm not religious (at least not into the mainstream major religions such as Hinduism, etc). But I've been diagnosed as NT and I'm definitely a huge patriot who believes America is the GREATEST COUNTRY on EARTH (if someone can convince me wrong, at the very least I'll still believe America is one of the best in the world).

With that said I try to avoid acting aspergerish about my patriotism. However lots of other NTs I know including friends act so much like aspies in regards to treating America as sacred. They'd obsessively not to let the flag touch the ground when setting it on the pole, some even go beyond asperger obsession and into OCD zone when they scrub the flag at every minuscule dirt they see,and so on.

With religions, its even far worse. Memorize every details of the Bible, treat the Quran as too sacred to place alongside in a regular bookshelf, and NTs talk to each other about religion with the same "I won't pay attention if you're bored" manner Aspies do (especially if they are preachers trying to find new converts).

Thats just the start. Don't get me started into politics, history, racial identity, culture, sacred literature (non religious fiction as Greek Mythology), ethnicity, family lines, sports, and other mainstream stuff or subjects so sensitive people are really pull out a pistol and shoot you over one comment they don't like.

Why is it fine for NTs such as myself to act Aspergerish about these mainstream stuff without getting ostracized? While Aspies get the end of the hook of mockery, bullying, and outcasted?
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Re: When NTs acts aspergerish about certain topics...........

Postby seabreezeblue » Mon Sep 03, 2018 6:22 pm


While i do understand what you're asking, i'm finding it quite offensive that you view aspies in the way you do. You keep saying that we go on and on and on about things.. that we obsess etc.. and that we're annoying.
Can you understand why your posts could be viewed as offensive?

You've forgotten that we're as human as allistics.. and have feelings.

I know the meaning of your post was to show support for aspies by trying to white knight for us.. but i'd much rather you spent your time getting to understand that we're all individuals, than trying to fight for us as a ''species''.

And, since this is a duplicate thread, it's now Locked.
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