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Aspergers and Narcissistic Abuse

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Aspergers and Narcissistic Abuse

Postby Nickleback4evr » Mon Jul 30, 2018 9:47 pm

Hello all.

TL;DR; What type of specialist should I see if I am an adult with Aspergers trying to get over the effects of narcissistic abuse, as well as figure out how to avoid it in relationships?

I'm a 33 yr old male who has been previously diagnosed as adhd but am fairly certain I have Aspergers. I have been struggling to find a job ever since I decided to change careers. I have moved back home and have come to the conclusion that I was home schooled by a narcissistic mother and that the one long term relationship I've had was also with a narcissist. My parents are Christian and don't believe in psychology so I've never really had anyone to talk to about these issues.

An example of the type of abuse I'm talking about:
I met a woman who first turned me on to the idea that my mother was a narcissist who suggested I do some volunteer work to just try to escape the stress for awhile and get outside my head. I found a position for someone who was needed to show off virtual reality technology to terminal ill children. When discussing this with my mother, her response was, "You're an Atheist, what possible comfort could you provide someone who is dying?" This was a response that pretty much cemented in my head that this woman has zero empathy.

Are psychologists/psychiatrists well trained in enough topics to deal with someone having multiple issues like this? How do I even find a good one?


Also, if anyone else is/was in a similar situation it would help me to know what you did or are doing to get over it. I'm sure for starters, living with them doesn't help, but it is very difficult to find a job right now in this current state of mind.
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Re: Aspergers and Narcissistic Abuse

Postby pamelaperejil » Tue Jul 31, 2018 11:06 pm

Sorry, I don't have any suggestions. I don't have much experience with therapy. I'm sorry to hear you're struggling though, and I do wish you peace.
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