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Maintaining Employment

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Re: Maintaining Employment

Postby wickerwoman » Fri Jun 14, 2019 10:49 pm

Computer sales - too shy to talk to people.

Teaching - hated being the centre of attention.

Taking care of lab animals - some coworkers who were jealous about the hours I was getting ganged up, told lies about me to the boss (that I was abusing animals) and got me fired. I threatened to sue for wrongful dismissal and asked them to produce some evidence around the reasons for firing me. They caved and rehired me and then treated me like $#%^ until I quit again.

Internet start-up - super-cliquish. My supervisor was only 26 or 27 and had a few BFFs on the team and everyone else was on the out. She decided a "fun" game would be for us all to write haikus about each other. This was code for "me and my BFFs are going to write derogatory haikus about all the people we don't like". Then one of the BFF's accidentally emailed the one our boss wrote about me to the whole team. The one that described me as the "Wicked Witch of the West" who flew away on her broomstick at lunchtime every day.

My job is okayish now. At least the pay is good, the work is interesting and there's reasonable job security. It just took 20 years to find a job I could probably hold on to, paid a living wage and didn't make me want to die of boredom.
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