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Singing off tone

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Singing off tone

Postby pamelaperejil » Sun Jul 22, 2018 1:37 pm

When you commit a social faux pas, sing out of tune with the choir:

Is this because you actually don't hear the tone they're singing is different than yours? Or you do hear and you just don't think it matters, for some reason? Or do you hear it and believe that their pitch is wrong, that it's a point of honor to keep singing your pitch even though you'll take heat for it?

They always tell you, just be yourself, right? That's what garners the most respect. Well, this is me being myself and it certainly hasn't garnered respect, though I don't see what's absolutely wrong with it.

I think frequently I hear the pitch is different and I convince myself that it doesn't matter. That it's simply not important for us all to be on the same pitch. (Why is it important for us all to be on the same pitch???)

Other times, I fail to even note there's a difference.

Other times I note the difference and keep singing anyway because I believe it's right and it matters. Even though I know I'll take heat for it. Sometimes I'm just right.
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