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Any WOMEN with an ASD/Asp diagnosis

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Any WOMEN with an ASD/Asp diagnosis

Postby Elyora » Fri Jan 06, 2017 9:33 am

Looking for other women to connect with.

Am diagnosed with ASD/Aspergers. Originall self-diagnosed until officially diagnosed (yay!) 1-1/2 years ago. Almost 30.

Am an INTP! But I consider self to be an ambivert...I very much enjoy being social if I am around friendly and interesting people. Have a ton of "weird" "quirks"...but really they are just awesome and they are the funny/great things people remember 'bout me.

I typically dislike people! Sounds bad..but I just seem to have so little in common with people. When I do have enough in common with you then you are immediately a treasure in my life!!

I seem to have friends who are always older....honestly decades older. I have very little in common with people of my same generation/age group. It seems as though we just have different priorities and ideas about how the world works. I'm an INTP, "I know I'm right!" (Lol!) about a lot of things (lol, again). But no, seriously I (sort of) know that isn't true, and also definitely enjoy listening to people (and then coverting them to my ways ;) )

If anyone is familiar with 30 Rock, I am a lot like Liz Lemon!!

Honestly though, there are a million more aspects to "me", and what I am made of, but just wanted to put down some of the reasons I would want to reach out to other aspie women/wondering if the things that set me a part from other people are actualluly similarities with other women!

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Re: Any WOMEN with an ASD/Asp diagnosis

Postby QueenAlexandria » Wed Jan 18, 2017 4:40 am

Hi! I wanted to direct people to my new screen name of QueenAlexandria if they want to read my bio, blog or write me back. I will only be using that name from now on.

I would like to just keep this forum open to WOMEN on the spectrum, or who suspect they might be on the spectrum/are seeking the diagnosis. Not to discriminate against the guys - but it just doesn't look like there is a place for only women to talk about their unique experiences on the spectrum here!

Although there are many similarities between men and women with Asperger's/ASD, there are honestly MANY differences that are overlooked, leading many women to be underdiagnosed, or misdiagnosed. Such was my case, and it has brought years of strife that were wholly unnecessary. If only the public and professionals knew about many of the unique challenges that females on the spectrum face, than many of our lives would be much better (I can only speak for myself here personally, and just say that as a general from all of the women I've heard from).

Anyways, more on that to come. I will be writing more about Women and ASD in my blog soon...so if that is something you are interested in please check it out! Also, if you have any comments/questions I will be around too.

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Re: Any WOMEN with an ASD/Asp diagnosis

Postby NewSunRising » Sat Jan 21, 2017 8:05 am

Hellp QueenAlexandria ,

I have sent you a PM .

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Re: Any WOMEN with an ASD/Asp diagnosis

Postby AmberCat » Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:36 pm

Me! :) I was diagnosed with Aspergers when I was 19. I spent my life until then wondering why I was so different, but its like nobody ever noticed how much I struggled with things.

I am very social when I am around the few people I like spending time with, in fact, when I really like someone (either romantic or a friend way), I crave their attention.

I have always had little in common with people my own age. When I was a kid, I preferred the company of my teachers than the company of the other kids in my class. When I was a teenager, I had one or two friends my own age, but spent most of my time talking to people much older than me on the internet. I don't have many friends my own age, except for one friend from high school I am still close with, my closest in age friend is 9 years older than me. I mostly socialise with people the same age as my parents.
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Re: Any WOMEN with an ASD/Asp diagnosis

Postby LambChoppy » Wed Feb 01, 2017 9:06 am

I'm Lisa and I'm 32.

I don't know what to say. All I know is I feel like I've been lying to everyone all my life about who I really am. I don't know if I have Aspergers. I've looked through the signs and traits (for women) and I have a bunch of them. I don't know how one goes about getting diagnosed (especially here in melb, Australia).

God I feel like I could ramble for about an hour over how I'm weird and always have been. It's such a relief right now to actually tell the truth for once. Here is what I would never admit to anyone:

I have almost zero need for friends.

People (especially other women) confuse the $#%^ out of me. I am always 'wrong' somehow. Their language is just so ######6 weird. Their everything is so ######6 weird. God people are exhausting.

I used to be shy as hell as a kid, but you learn to act to cover it up. I now do a superb job of acting around people. But it exhausts me so much that I need to rest for at least a day, perhaps a week after. I used to be much worse.

I create amazing fantasy worlds in my head that interest me so much more than actual people.
I am a fiction writer and play guitar.

I have a big problem with looking people in the eyes. I feel like they can read my thoughts if I look at them.

I get depression, anxiety and used to have extreme bouts of agoraphobia.

I am super stupid when it comes to little things, and they tend to get overwhelming in my mind. (opening doors, driving, unlocking things.) If I have to learn a new (easy) task, I usually have to do it a different way to people. I might even need to draw a diagram to figure it out.

Unexpected noise is unusually jarring. I used to be way worse with that.

I guess I don't function very well as an adult. I have never had a regular job. I don't really drive, although I can. I am self-employed, and don't really speak to anyone except my mum and partner. And I love it that way.

The only thing that bothers me about my life is that I always feel the need to excuse it somehow. I live weird, and I am old enough to know it.

I'll stop now. It's just a relief to talk to someone about this. :)
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Re: Any WOMEN with an ASD/Asp diagnosis

Postby Suzanna1 » Thu Mar 02, 2017 11:50 pm

Wow it feels good to be here! I am self diagnosed and looking at making it official soon. Everything fell into place for me when my son was diagnosed last year at age 11. Poor guy had a complete breakdown and finally he got diagnosed. Now my 20 year old daughter just got diagnosed through Edinburgh uni, only took them 3 weeks to assess and get full diagnosis. Thing is I'm 41 and can totally relate to feeling like I've been living a lie forever!!! I've put so much into getting the support for my kids, that its only now I realise I need it too. Its hard to let the mask slip,I've been acting for too long! I've never fit in even with my syblings, but kinda created my own little family and sanctuary. I left home as soon as I could, and created an aspie friendly environment ha ha, didn't know it at the time,but can see it all now. I feel like I've regressed recently, don't wanna deal with society,don't wanna pretend anymore. Thing is I need to support my children to get out there and live,whilst Being totally done with the world outside my front door!
I really want to get to communicate with Aspie females! Usually I just don't get NT females, I mainly stick to male friendship. But then other than my daughter I've never actually met another aspie female that I'm aware of. Anyway thanks for being a safe place. It feels like I can tell you my inner secrets, which is such a relief.
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Re: Any WOMEN with an ASD/Asp diagnosis

Postby hydrangea00 » Thu Jul 16, 2020 12:59 am

28 year old female here who feels all of the above :) PM me if you want to talk
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