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24/7 symptoms-PLEASE ANSWER

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24/7 symptoms-PLEASE ANSWER

Postby KaseyB2 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 9:34 pm

Hello everyone, I'm currently 19 years old and in college. My name is Kasey and I'm a male. For the past 4 years (since about sophomore year in high school) I've been dealing with these weird 24/7 symptoms, literally they do not go away. I noticed it really bad in stores or wherever there is overhead lights. My vision does not seem right, its very weird like I can't see everything at once but can't exactly specify what it is. I also ALWAYS see these very tiny particles or pixels in the air or in my vision (even when my eyes are shut). Its almost as if I always feel very strange cognitively. I wake up never feeling happy or refreshed and its a horrible feeling. Another thing I've noticed with my eyes are everything seems to be shaking back and forth at the very slightest. When I sleep I usually can feel my heart beating in my head and have headaches off and on throughout the day. I've had symptoms like depersonalization where things don't feel real. I always have the feeling where I just want to grab the top part of my nose with my fingers over my eyes and push down. I feel pressure behind my eyes and can never feel what its like to think clearly! You may be wondering how I've been able to go 4 years like this, well I went to a doctor about 3 years ago when I've only really had the symptoms for a little while, I had blood work done and an ekg. Things came out fine and I kind of ignored the symptoms for awhile (at least I tried). in between then and noe I've went to 2 different eye doctors, the first one just said its due to high eye pressure, so I had drops to lower it. I went back and they checked it and they said they're normal but my symptoms did not go away. I then went to another Doctor and got prescribed an MRI to my brain and everything came out normal. The next eye doctor I went to I told them about the light sensitivity and pixels and basically diagnosed it as floaters and could not help me with anything. Long story short I've had these symptoms for years and feel as if there getting a little worse than they were originally. The reason I'm posting on this forum now is because I have frequently been having sleep paralysis and sometimes having strange dreams/nightmares where I'm shaking a lot. My short term memory seems really bad and I literally can't comprehend things that I'm being taught in school because of how $#%^ I feel 24/7/ If anyone has any tips or speculation please answer or if you've experienced the same long term symptoms. Its getting extremely hard to deal with and its very hard without any answers. I don't feel anxious but apparently everyone thinks its anxiety. Please help. Also if anyone has any questions for me feel free.
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