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Help BF has Relationship Anxiety

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Help BF has Relationship Anxiety

Postby lonelylatina17 » Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:36 am

Hello new to the forums. I've been reading on the above topic because I believe my boyfriend suffers from this. He has all the symptoms. We have known each other 3 years and have been in a relationship for 8 months and during that time when things were going good out of the blue he would disappear. After a few weeks or months would reappear. I never put it together until today. Everything was going super good. I would go visit him, he'd come see me. He called & texted me everyday. We'd Skype too. Out of the blue once again he goes MIA for a few days and reappears. He tells me how he was feeling confused about our relationship and wasn't sure he wanted to be in a relationship. I was devastated I balled my eyes out. He told me that I deserved someone better. He always told me he loved me, I was his BFF, etc. what do I do? Do I give him space and let him go MIA again like he does when he freaks out? And hope that he returns to me. How do I help him? I really love this man. Thanks in advance. :cry:
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