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Just need a little reassurance from people who understand:)

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Just need a little reassurance from people who understand:)

Postby DsMama » Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:01 am

Hey All, new to the forum, I am 35 and was diagnosed about 10 years ago and took medication until a year ago. I was doing really well anxietywise (I suffer from both panic and anxiety attacks and crohnic worry) made it through the terrible twos..and threes with my first born and thought "hey let's see if I can do without this" (I have crohns disease and after my second resection almost a year ago it would be the first time in years I didn't need ANY meds so I really wanted to try without this one as well. I've done fairly well until recently (I will likely go back to my meds but for now I just need some reassurance I'm not crazy!)

I have an overwhelming, brings me to tears almost all consuming anxiety about my only child growing up. He just turned 5 and I know this is more than just my "normal" friends wishfully saying I miss when they were babies. I love the kid he is becoming and as a hockey mom that life is already all consuming. I love every minute of watching him grow and become smart, caring and great at new things. Once he is asleep though I just watch him and cry, longing for the baby I used to hold for hours and hours and long to just pick him up and hold him while I sob. I know it isn't right but I also will validate my own feelings by saying it isnt entirely 'wrong' either. I'm not sure if this is a mom thing or an anxiety thing or a bit of both.

Thanks for reading. Sometimes just putting thoughts out in the universe is enough to help calm down:)
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Re: Just need a little reassurance from people who understand:)

Postby BusyBee93 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 1:17 pm

Hi DsMama,
Although i don't yet have kids myself, i have similar anxiety issues and can sympathise completely. My mum also has chronic worry issues and shes told me before of having very similar issues when me and my sister were little. She explained it as a fear of us getting older and life some how hurting us , bullied at school, bad relationships etc. whereas when we were just little babies she knew he could keep us safe from everything. That and she really loves babies and just missed constant cuddles etc.
I am by no means an expert or anything but this sounds like a typical combination of parenting worries amplified by anxiety.
I know its a lot easier to say than do, but try and focus on the good things about your little boy and how happy he is. It sounds like your doing a great job and love him dearly.
Best wishes
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