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Feel Like I'm Losing My Mind :(

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Feel Like I'm Losing My Mind :(

Postby Roger1994 » Thu Nov 12, 2015 8:20 pm

Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and my brain hasn't been working very well lately so bare with me.

So my story begins back last summer, when I started to experience alot of stress. My drivers license was suspended, I started working two jobs for the first time (one of the jobs I had to be in at 4am), and then I started to be concerned that I may have Lyme disease. It's important to note that during this time I didn't feel particularly stressed.

I became very afraid that I had Lyme because my father has chronic Lyme Disease, and I can see just how horrible the disease can become. I often feel very bad for him and wish I could help.

Anyway, first I started to experience some jaw pain, which I hopped on Google to check out. First it said it was probably jaw clenching in my sleep, which is anxiety related. But since I didn't feel anxious, I kept looking and it turns out it was a symptom of Lyme. I got afraid and the more I looked into Lyme symptoms, the more i started experiencing symptoms consistent with Lyme. Muscle twitching, which I had for as long as I remember, started becoming more pronounced and frequent. Then there were heart palpitations, brain fog, and eventually depression.

My dad took me to his Lyme doctor who went over my symptoms with me and ran a detailed blood test. Everything came back fine and I was relieved for a while. Then I started to worry about M.S. and that's what set me off completely.

Today, I experience severe brain fog and constant 24/7 worry/anxiety about how maybe I could still have Lyme, or maybe I'm just losing my mind. I lost the ability to feel happy or excited or live in the moment. I feel completely detached from everyone and everything. The only thing I can really feel is anxiety and frustration.

I work out every day and eat healthy, and the only things that seem to have any effect on my symptoms are stimulants. Coffee has a mild effect on my brain fog, but not enough. The only thing I've tried that helps significantly was Vyvanse. This completely got rid of my brain fog, and even *gasp* made me feel happy. It did nothing for the anxiety though.

I've been going to a psychologist who is in the process of diagnosing me with something, but I'm in desperate need of immediate relief. Idk how much longer I can go on feeling like this :cry:

Thank you for reading this long, I appreciate any and all responses.
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