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Lightheaded all the time, I need help

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Lightheaded all the time, I need help

Postby flagirl » Wed Oct 21, 2015 2:51 am


I'm new here. I've been having a bad time. I thought things where getting better, but I don't know. History, about 3 months ago I had an awful bout of dizziness that when on for 2 months before I got to the doc. Well about 5 yrs ago I was dx'd with vertigo (BPPv) I had it handled with pysical therapy and trigger points in the neck for the headaches I had. I had all the testing done, MRI's, blood, heart, all normal then. Well when it came back I went in and the doc said BPPV is back and started therapy again and the injections, well it did help. But I wonder if thats it, the lightheadedness is making me nuts, some days I don't have it at all, then days like today its been bad. I can't stop thinking about it, and wondering is it me or something worse. I feel like I'm moving inside, or like I might fall over or faint, my legs feel like i have to stablize myself so they get sore. I spend alot of my time waiting to die. I pray everyday to be well. I try not have bad thoughts but i do. I don't know how this can be anxiety, I;ve had my docs including a neurologist tell me its anxiety. this all started 15 yrs ago when my thyroid messed up and i went hypo and things go so out of whack. The dizziness then was like a rocking and swaying sensation just like it was 3 months ago, now this lightheadedness is different. I've read everywhere that lightheadedness comes with anxiety, I don't mean the kind that is with shallow breathing, I mean constant someday or can last for hours. I notice it mostly after work when I get home. My head kinda hurts and my neck. I only know I'm scared all the time, if I feel the slightest sign of dizziness I can't stop thinking about it.

Can anyone explain how anxiety can cause constant dizziness. Thank you all for listening and any help.

Thank you
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