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PCL-R (for fun)

Postby Myers » Sun Jun 13, 2010 3:41 am

Only for lulz, and because I'm curious to see what everyone thinks of themselves. So, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the PCL-R... As you read each item, rate yourself (or someone else) with either 0, 1, or 2. If you rarely display such behavior, you get a 0. Don't worry though, there are plenty of chances to score. ;) If you think the description applies to you sometimes or you can see yourself behaving as such, 1. If you read a description and think, "Doesn't everyone do that?", go ahead and give yourself a 2.

And, for the sake of political correctness, the characters in the descriptions are not all the same gender. Because women can be psychopaths too. Like Lucy Liu in Kill Bill.

1.Glib/superficial charm:

You're so confident in your gift of gab that you believe you could sell flood insurance to someone living in the Sahara desert. Actually, you remember selling flood insurance to this old lady that lived near Death Valley when you were mooching off your Aunt Sally in California and needed some extra cash (you'd already cleaned Aunt Sally out). Dumb old hag thought you were the sweetest lad, ha! Fooled her.

2.Grandiose sense of self-worth:

So you were sleeping with your latest "thing", and, mid-coitus, she screams out "Oh, God!" You think, "Finally! Someone's calling me by my real name!"

3.Need for stimulation:

For some odd reason, your boyfriend convinced you that going to the zoo and having monkeys fling their own fecal matter at you would be enjoyable. Not 10 minutes into the adventure, you're painfully bored and practically dragging your significant other past the exhibits. Then you come upon a pane of glass that was cracked, held together by packaging tape, and imprisoning a silverback gorilla. Your SO is off looking at other animals, and no one else is in the building. Without a second thought, you grab a large rock out of the snapping turtle enclosure and throw. You grab your SO and run out screaming, "THE GORILLA ESCAPED!" You delightedly watch the mass hysteria ensue and think, "Okay, so maybe the trip wasn't a total loss..."


At the moment, you're only home because you have to make sure you're the first one to answer the phone in case Cherry, or Candy, or whatsherface calls. Your newest girl is smoking hot, has a rich daddy, and you've got her convinced you're a CEO of some corporation or the other. You can't risk one of your other things calling at the most inopportune moment and blowing your cover.


You just started a new job and you're sucking up to the boss and a few of the other uppers. You've also started working on your boss's secretary, as she has insider information on the company's workings. And once in a blue moon you stop by the head honcho's desk for a chat, and you're convinced he has the hots for you. After you've gotten your “support system” secure, you subtly sabotage your supervisor with dirty gossip and the like. You plan to have his job in 3 months if all goes well. Yeah, just like your last job... Damn, you're clever...

6.No remorse:

Let's say you're plan in number 5 goes smoothly. Now your old boss is working at a meat packing plant and had to send his gran-gran to a retirement home because he's working 12-hour days and doesn't have the time to take care of her. Gran-gran became clinically depressed and kicked the proverbial bucket after a dramatic decline in overall health. You muster up some crocodile tears for your colleagues, but your internal reaction was … “How was I supposed to know that my accusations of him stealing from the corporation's finances and downloading kiddie porn on his work computer would look bad to his next employers? Besides, he should be thanking me because now he doesn't have to take care of that old bag of bones. It's not like she had much longer to live anyway.”

7.Shallow effect:

You just don't get all the hoopla over newborn babies. You can't think of anything worse than waiting hand and foot on something the size of a football, then having to wipe its ass to boot! Or why people even go to funerals. They're so damn boring! And why do people get all emotional when their SO leaves them? Why not just go down to a bar or a concert and pick up another one? Your friends say you're cold and emotionless, but you feel plenty! Like the time you robbed that old couple, and the cops were on your tail. Damn, was your heart beating!

8.Lack of empathy:

Your dad just died earlier this morning, and your mom is all distraught over the matter. After a few hours of pained expressions and fake tears for the visiting mourners, you wander over to the living room to watch some TV. Then mom comes in looking for comfort and sobbing on your shoulder. If it were any other occasion, you'd pat her on the shoulder and pretend to care. But your favorite show is on and it's the last episode of the season, so you tell her to get ahold of herself and pipe down for a damn minute because she's driving you nuts. Oh … because daddy's death was just so sad and you want to take your mind off it. ;)

9.Failure to take responsibility for own actions:

It's not your fault that your kid almost drowned in your neighbor's pool while you were busy talking on the phone with that cute girl from down the street. Your ex should've taken them to swimming class or something, then this wouldn't have happened.

10.Parasitic lifestyle:

Your old house wasn't working out because your roomies refused to lend you any more rent money, so you picked up this nice, respectable guy -recently divorced and lonely- and moved in with him for the moment. Your last job was a waste of time and didn't pay enough, so you quit and just started mooching off anyone willing to listen to your #######4 sob stories. You don't even get your own food anymore. You make friends with people at food joints and ask for discounts, or you just show up at someone's house around dinner time and expect them to invite you in.

11.Poor behavioral controls:

You find yourself at a hotel pool with some family, and you're sitting around a table with your Crackberry, ignoring everyone else. Your dipshit little nephew decides to shoot you with a squirt gun while you're not paying attention. He then drops the squirt gun and runs for safety. So you pick up the toy and gimp after him. He's about to get in the hot tub to hide, so you hurl the squirt gun at his legs, and he goes flying into the hot tub. Haha! Little bastard...


You've been called a whore by all of your exes. But they were just jealous. And the fact that you were cheating on all of them and borrowing their money to get hookers is beside the point...

13.Early behavioral problems:

You would sneak out frequently. You once ambushed a flock of sheep with a paintball gun, and you thought it was just the funniest thing ever. Since your parents forced you to go to church, you made the best of it by ######6 a deacon's daughter in the bathroom during a sermon.

14.Lack of realistic, long-term goals:

You're forty-years-old, overweight, and fresh out of prison. You spend all day watching TV or sleeping. And you're still telling everyone how you're going to be a professional swimmer and win medals and $#%^. You've been saying this since you convinced your girlfriend in college you were going to try out for the Olympics swim team, and you haven't even been to a pool for years.


You meet this sexy, young thing at a bar one night, and you think you must have her. So you move her into your house the next day. You would've moved her in the same night, but you had to get rid of the present live in first.


You keep getting calls from bill collectors, and their insistent tones just put you in a foul mood. After a few days of that nonsense, you just unplug the phone.
You think you can drive better drunk than most people can sober. You frequently prove your point.

17.Juvenile delinquency:

By the age of ten, you knew the first and last names of every police officer in town, and not because they were friends with your parents. You frequently stole booze from your dad's liquor cabinet and sold it to your friends. You bootlegged candy and soda into the school when it was banned. You were the reason it was banned in the first place. You started going to Sunday school so you could steal from the church's offering plate. You were caught vandalizing cars and houses on a regular basis. When the fuzz foiled your plans, you simply moved onto new enterprises.

Eventually, your dad nailed your window shut because he didn't want to keep paying the cops off to keep your record clean. Shows how abusive he was, too. What if there had been a fire? I would've died dad! Do you want that on your conscience!?

18.Revocation of conditional release:

You got probation for petty theft, but a week later you were shoplifting groceries from WalMart. But that didn't count because you weren't caught. And you were $#%^ broke because these horrendous accusations against you have prevented you from getting a respectable job (you haven't even bothered to look), so you were starving and needed the Twinkies to survive.

19.Many short-term marital relationships:

You spend a lot of your time dodging your ex-wives who are always calling and asking for child support or trying to get you to watch the kids for the weekend. Nothing but a bunch of gold-diggers and slackers... As a matter of fact, your 1st or 2nd ex tried to come to your house the other day … Uhh, what was her name again? Anyway, it was a good thing your girlfriend answered the door so you could sneak out the back and hide at your other girlfriend's house.

20.Criminal versatility:

“So, that's how the pyramid structure works...”

If you remembered what the score was for each item, add them up. You need a 30+ to get a diagnosis of psychopathy if you're in the US, and a 25+ if you're in the UK or Canada. Dr. Bob Hare claims most folks only get a 0-2, 5 tops. Yet again, only for my amusement.

Special thanks to Dr. Bob Hare for thinking up such a test and ensuring that, due to my unfortunate score, I'm ten times more likely to be found guilty for future crimes that I didn't commit...
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Re: PCL-R (for fun)

Postby Characteristics » Sun Jun 13, 2010 6:19 am

1. 1

2. 1.7 (Yes, I did have to defy your test. *lulz ensues*)

3. 0

4. Where is the infinity sign? I can't find it on my keyboard. (On second thought, I guess this works: <><> ?)

5. 2? I dunno, I'm more of a one-on-one kind of manipulator.

6. 2.

7. <><> (In all seriousness, I've always thought this was the one symptom most predominate in my personality.)

8. 2. I think I do things similar to this all the time.

9. .5..? Not sure. I only take responsibility when it benefits me.

10. 0. Although, I am okay with being a parasite. It is something that I do not try to pursue, given that I like being self-efficient.

11. 0. I'd just brush it off. "Pssh, little kids..."

12. 2. What is so wrong with wanting to have sexual relations with many different playmates at one time? I mean, seriously, compartmentalization, bro. Compartmentalization.

13. 0 I'm a good, normal, sane, and healthy boy. Remember? Oh.. Uhh. Just don't ask them...

14. 0. I can have a goal... If it's important enough.

15. 1, almost 2.

16. 0..?

17. ? I don't like this item, it seems, I don't know, too non-personality based.

18. This one varies. I am not known to have short-term "lovers", but I abandon relationships here and there like nothing.

19. I'm not sure about this one.

Score: 16.2

Am I losing my special sociopath club privileges?

Also, Myers, what was your score? I am guessing it was somewhere between 25-38? Furthermore, why didn't you lie? Lol.
Lannibal Hecter wrote:Apparently watching it on the Discovery channel is fantastic education, but helping Mr Croc eat IRL is a 'heinous crime'.
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Re: PCL-R (for fun)

Postby Kantuskid » Sun Jun 13, 2010 6:42 am

Me got 7. My points were on all the affective stuff, the parasitic lifestyle and I'm somewhat unclear on realistic goals. No points on the other antisocial items.
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Re: PCL-R (for fun)

Postby searchfortruth » Sun Jun 13, 2010 7:58 am

Hmmm... nice game. Since its anonymous, doesn't matter if I score myself :)

1. Glib/superficial charm: 2
My boss says I can sell ice to Eskimos.

2. Grandiose sense of self-worth: 1
Nah... I am realistic :wink:

3. Need for stimulation: 2
This is the one that I am trying to control. Lol

4. Lying: 1
I lie sometimes. But generally get away with the blunt truth. Ok let me give myself a 1, to be honest.

5.Manipulative: 2
Its my family tradition man. I live in a cut-throat world.

6.No remorse: 1
Logically I do have it. Ya well, its natural for people to die when they are old. You can't change what's been done. Better to look to the future.

7.Shallow effect: 2
Myers, is what you describe called shallow effect. I thought there must be something more deep. I hate all the maudlin sentimentality you just described.

8.Lack of empathy: 2
Can't help it.

9.Failure to take responsibility for own actions: 0
On this I think I am good. Ok maybe I do miss out sometimes. But I am trying. Still will give myself a 0, just because I try hard on this.

10.Parasitic lifestyle: 0
Nope. I hate parasites.

11.Poor behavioral controls: 0
In public, I am very much in control.

12.Promiscuous: 0
Nope. I don't think I am on this at all. I have a lot of women who like me for my strong, cold demeanor. Only the ones I like get to sleep with me. That too there is no question of cheating. I am capable of it, but will not do it. Its below me.

13.Early behavioral problems: 1
Had some. Will not tell.

14.Lack of realistic, long-term goals: 1
Some problems I am now getting straight. But I have successful career.

15.Impulsivity: 1
Some. Not the scenario Myers described, but something else.

16.Irresponsibility: 1
No, I am a responsible citizen. Lol. Yes I can drive when I am fully drunk.

17.Juvenile delinquency: 0

18.Revocation of conditional release: 0

20.Criminal versatility: 2

Total : 19
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Re: PCL-R (for fun)

Postby OftheEnemy » Sun Jun 13, 2010 9:52 am

1. 2
I have no desire for sales but I typically get what I want, when I want it.

2. 1
I'm pretty realistic of my self-worth. I'd say I've got a lot going for me but only because I work on being good at many things so that I can have a lot going for me.

3. 2
I've learned enough self-control to know when I'm going to do something TOO stupid and typically do something else to keep from getting bored.

4. 1
Me, lie? Never! Ok, funny enough, blunt honesty is just as effective as a lie if not more so. Lies became too easy so I tried honesty. People believe lies much faster than the truth and its just as well either way.

5. 2
I manipulate life itself to give me what I want...I'd say yes.

6. 1
I don't think so, so I'll just put 1. I mean, there's things that I wish had gone differently, that's close to remorse, isn't it? Typically though, I don't do anything I'll regret later so if I've done it, I won't feel remorse for that action. I had my reasons.

7. 2
We all die and one day everything that mattered to you will be gone and forgotten. Why get all worked up about it now if no one will later anyways?

8. 1
I have empathy. I have the ability to know how something feels. I don't however have much sympathy and just because I can know how it may feel to you doesn't mean I think that the reason for you feeling that way is worth that feeling. I think they've confused empathy and sympathy a lot on here

9. 0
I take responsibility for every and any action I take, however don't blame me for something that truly was no fault of my own.

10. 0
Parasitic? No. Symbiotic. Yes.

11. 1
Depends on who you ask. Sometimes I have the impulse control of a saint, other times I an feel myself wanting not to do something but I find my body does it anyways.

12. 2+
No comment :(

13. 1
Not so much. I was a good kid, always helping my mother around the house. I suppose around 15-16 I started acting out but nothing TOO serious...

14. 1
Just because I keep my goals fluid, doesn't mean I don't have any.

15. 2
If I have no reason not to, then why not?

16. 1
I'm working on it...

17. 0
I was in the wrong place at the wrong time like...once...

18. 0
Yea, I'm not stupid enough to get in trouble with the law to begin with...

19. 1
If I actually DATED them, they'd be ex's

20. 2
Always gotta have a hustle, no matter what the game.

23...apparently, I lose
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Re: PCL-R (for fun)

Postby en_causa_sui » Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:36 pm

29. I've never been caught for anything so that strikes out some of those and I'm really not narcissistic.

What was your score, Myers?
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Re: PCL-R (for fun)

Postby Myers » Sun Jun 13, 2010 6:39 pm

1. Glib/superficial charm: 2
I usually use my gift of gab when I'm caught in a legal dispute of some kind.

2. Grandiose sense of self-worth: 2
Kneel before Zod!

3. Need for stimulation: 2
Boredom is like torture to me.

4. Lying: 2
The only time I don't lie is when the truth would be more beneficial to me.

5.Manipulative: 2
It's not that I try, it's just a part of who I am...

6.No remorse: 2
I can't help it...

7.Shallow effect: 2
Still trying to figure out the difference between real and superficial emotion...

8.Lack of empathy: 2
It's not that I don't care; it's that I can't care...

9.Failure to take responsibility for own actions: 2
It's always someone else's fault.

10.Parasitic lifestyle: 0
I enjoy self-sufficiency.

11.Poor behavioral controls: 1
I'm in control if I need to be. Behind closed doors is another story...

12.Promiscuous: 1
I used to be.

13.Early behavioral problems: 2
I was just being myself...

14.Lack of realistic, long-term goals: 1
I have a successful career. But when I was a kid, I wanted to be everything of relative importance. Not just a lawyer, or a doctor, or a fireman, or a hacker, or a criminal, or a CEO, or an engineer... All of them. And I'm still trying.

15.Impulsivity: 2
Just yesterday I impulsively bought the PCL-R test booklet with Nikki's credit card since I couldn't find mine... And now I think I'll impulsively buy the $120 manual... By the way, I'll post some of the real questions as soon as it comes in the mail. I had another one, but I don't know what the hell happened to it...

16.Irresponsibility: 2
If it wasn't for nannies and Nikki, my kids would be running wild in a forest somewhere...

17.Juvenile delinquency: 2

18.Revocation of conditional release: 1
I wasn't caught...

20.Criminal versatility: 2
I prefer not to disclose...

Total : 32

Characteristics wrote:
Am I losing my special sociopath club privileges?

Also, Myers, what was your score? I am guessing it was somewhere between 25-38? Furthermore, why didn't you lie? Lol.

Of course not. Like I said, "normal" people get between 0 and 2. 16.2 + ∞ + ∞ is pretty high up there.

The first time I took the PCL-R, I was 18. The questions aren't anything like what was posted above, obviously. And a lot of the test is comprised of patient history and collateral review. I'll post some of the questions and scoring methods from the real test booklet as soon as I get it.
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Re: PCL-R (for fun)

Postby OftheEnemy » Sun Jun 13, 2010 7:07 pm

Myers wrote:Of course not. Like I said, "normal" people get between 0 and 2. 16.2 + ∞ + ∞ is pretty high up there.

What doesn't make sense to me is if 'normal' people get between 0 and 2, 5 max...why wait till they reach such a high number as 30 in the U.S. and 25 in Europe before giving them a 'diagnosis'? What are the people who get from 5-25...slightly afflicted? not normal but abnormal? I mean, who comes up with this stuff...
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Re: PCL-R (for fun)

Postby Myers » Sun Jun 13, 2010 7:18 pm

OftheEnemy wrote:What are the people who get from 5-25...slightly afflicted? not normal but abnormal? I mean, who comes up with this stuff...

Antisocial, narcissistic, of minor personality disorders, has psychopathic tendencies, etc. Dr. Hare spawned such test.
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Re: PCL-R (for fun)

Postby OftheEnemy » Sun Jun 13, 2010 7:35 pm

I know enough of the PCL-R and other such tests, not to mention reading your post as to the one who created this particular test, to know what they are and the doctors who create them.

What I meant by who comes up with this stuff was slightly rhetorical but referring more to who feels they have the authority or knowledge to claim they can pick this person out as having this problem. I really have a problem with psychiatry in general claiming this disorder or that...personality traits, perhaps...personality disorders, no.

Point is, to quantify a test claiming it can pick out a person with such a disorder and having such a wide gray area is more fun than fact. Many people fall through the cracks because they don't quite live up to the test or they are misdiagnosed because they seem to fit, though there reasons are not mental disorder.

Sorry for turning this post in a slightly serious direction, please resume the testing :)
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