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What's all the fuss about?

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Re: What's all the fuss about?

Postby Sarandipity » Sat Oct 26, 2019 2:35 pm

DaturaInnoxia wrote:
Sarandipity wrote:She had a breakdown

Good lesson for her;
You don't go around unqualified digging around in sh1t like that.

They should be specifically trained in that area and then they know not to allow you to just 'open up' "Pandora's box" without necessity precursors.

*** I'm sure you know people generally find the more they relive it verbally and mentally they more ungrounded they become - the reason only trained professionals are really supposed to bring it up.

Sarandipity wrote:"I can't do anything with this life till I've worked out if I'm here long term or not."

'Tis a bit of a cop-out. If everyone waited to work that out, no one would try to help themselves.

DID is one of the more f*cked up, and obviously complex, disorders that exist.

If professionals around you already have an idea, It might be worth your time to look at what inpatient treatment for DID is accessible to you - where people are actually qualified in the field of trauma.

Sarandipity wrote:"I'm just following what they were doing before except I'm not going back to the support group they were going to."

I'm not one to encourage blind trust.
I always suggest people go slow and watch what those around them do rather than what they say (in real life) - here it's hard to tell.

Whatever you decide to do, I would suggest sticking with someone who specializes in DID and trauma - at least for the heavy stuff
---- and try not to be too stupid amongst wolves (like I should really talk...).

Yes, I was literally thinking of a wolf metaphor earlier. "You can not keep dangling a rabbit Infront of a wolf and feeding it cat food. Eventually it will bite your hand off to get the rabbit"

With me copping out of life I realised as I wrote it I can't literally sit around waiting to see if I can put this life how I'd have it.. which is very different to other parts and therefore when or if, more likely when, they return it'd be a complete waste of time. I have to therefore go with Paul's course of action. I made a post in the DID thread because unhindered courses of action in this body involve direct communication with the twins. And as you have pointed out, specialist therapy is a must but I will go to the support group and keep interaction there shallow (and hopefully avoid button pushing but that's a work in progress) until I get to a specialist. Then the others might pour out in a safe environment and work out their difficult feelings I somehow am missing.

If I'm the last line of defence or only one left emotionally capable to deal with life then it's quite a bad state of affairs really considering I'm a massive button pusher with a love of trouble. But it is how it is.

This alternative therapist we saw once said patterns in life are from a pivotal moment. She said I could "heal my life" by doing something, I dunno what, the others have the book here somewhere but I think I'll just read "Industrial Magic" instead - it's a nonsense book about demons, relaxing not mind stimulating.

Thank you, it's been very helpful chatting with you. I've appreciated it alot. :)
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