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Some questions I have

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Some questions I have

Postby PossiblyAsPD » Sun Dec 30, 2018 6:33 pm

- How did you get your diagnosis?
I am curious to know if I fit the diagnostic criteria according to a professional. I meet all the criteria according to my knowledge. I’d like to undergo psychotherapy for impulsivity, chronic boredom and self destructiveness. I can’t afford it on my own, so I assume getting a diagnosis and resources could help. Is this a bad idea?

- What kind of things do I leave out of a psychiatric evaluation?
Eg, do I leave out any mention of violent urges and homicidal ideation? Or do I admit to them, but refuse to go into specifics? Do I lie and say they diminished upon going on medication? Do I go into detail and risk being involuntarily held? The reason I ask is because I want the most accurate diagnosis and best treatment possible without inpatient.

- Any of you have comorbid GAD?
I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I’ve heard people with ASPD cannot experience this because of their smaller amygdala and fear response.

- Any of you previously diagnosed and/or misdiagnosed with CPTSD?
I have been diagnosed with it. Upon looking at the criteria... I don’t meet it. I don’t know why that happened. I never suggested it. Does anyone know if the two can be confused?

- Any of you previously told you had autism?
I have most of the female Asperger’s traits, except stimming, lack of eye contact, social ineptness (I have social anxiety that decreases in a pretty short amount of time). I am also obviously manipulative, understand some malicious intent, a pathological liar, etc. which are pretty major and quite the opposite of autistic traits.

Any of you had a “conscience” when you took certain drugs?
Eg, I took a high dose of Xanax and weed and instead of mellowing out, I had a panic attack and tripped out that I was actually a terrible person.
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Re: Some questions I have

Postby Solowolfpack » Mon Dec 31, 2018 7:05 pm

GAD is mostly due to a chemical imbalance in your brain, ASPD is a personality disorder that is based around criminal behavior. Lots of things can lead to impulsivity and recklessness, The two are separate and can cooxist in the same person.

It’s not unusual for cluster B disorders to have depression and anxiety disorders also. ASPD should never get misdiagnosed as GAD, if you were put on meds the DR HAS to diagnosis you with something in order to justify the prescription and for insurance purposes.

It may not be possible for psychopaths to have an anxiety disorder because they are essentially brain damaged or underdeveloped. Not all ASPD will be complete psychos, I’m not a fan of labels in absolutes, the human brain is complicated and psychology isn’t an exact science and has along way to catch up to the rest of the medical field.
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