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Do u think he has ASPD?

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Do u think he has ASPD?

Postby Whatdouthink » Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:50 pm

I’ll try to keep this short as possible. Honestly you can skip all the details and read the key facts at the bottom if you’re too lazy to read it.
So I met this guy out about a month ago and at first he seemed absolutely perfect. Said the right things, took me on dates, initiated contact constantly. Was very clingy actually.

The first bad turn happened when I asked him about something on his social media that my friend told me about and how she told me to be careful dating him. He reacted by telling me how she was $#%^ starter and that she was the biggest slut he’s ever met and that’s she’s no moral compass to me and that she was trying to make me crazy like her.

Things seemed fine and then he told me that one of his friends said they had sex with me (which was a lie) and got me all emotional and said he did it because he enjoys messing with me. He then proceeded to tell me I need to take a Xanax and that I remind him of his mother because I always worry. And he said “I can’t imagine always worrying. Worrying just isn’t for me, I hate it.”

This might be irrelevant but I asked him if he likes me as a friend or more and he said he does like me, he’s “just not big into expressing emotions”

He waited a while to send that message above but I had fallen asleep and replied in the morning asking him to study with me and he didn’t reply for 8 hours and just had asked if I was at the library and then didn’t respond again. Meanwhile, he’s posting all day long in a group chat we’re in and when I asked him what’s up he said he’s just been busy all day and not on his phone. I called him out on it and he accused me of “doing that thing where you worry too much again” and I said no I’m not I just have high expectations and then he didn’t reply and the next morning he changed his attitude by texting me a picture of 2 mimosas at the airport and said “one for you, one for me.”

I ignored it and he texted me late that night when he was out of the state and was like wish you were. I replied back that he needs to promise he’s going to do better than yesterday and he told me that “this is the added stress I was talking about. I’m not on my phone 24/7 or able to text u all the time” and “ I just dont deal with stress and/or drama from anyone” and then I told him that I would let it go if it was a one time thing but he’s like “you seem like the type to let things go, have a goodnight” which to me was kind of rude to say to a girl he apparently likes.

Then I texted him first a week later and had a normal conversation and then he said that I’m an easily irritated person which is not true at all. Then he said I’m too high strung for him and that he’s too care free and relaxed for me and I asked if there’s anything good he could say about me and he said “There's plenty of good things I could say but you have enough self worth to know what I could say, you dont need me to remind you.” Which to me sounded kind of manipulative becuz he didn’t realize I was asking sarcastically. And when I said “You’re right I am that type of girl, I was just asking sarcastically because u were being kind of rude lol and yeah I can tell by how laid back u are” he didn’t respond.

Then Hours later sent him an article titled ASPD and substance abuse and told him it’s an interesting article to read and he kept saying he has no interest in psychology and kept asking why i want him to read it. He said that seeing a psychologists is a waste of money and that people should deal with their own problems, stop being so damn soft and sensitive and not play victim. And when I said he should try to see it from other people perspectives he ignored it and changed the subject by asking me why I’m up so late.

The next day I asked him how his day was and he was back to his old charming self saying “good day all that was missing was you” “you’re the only girl for me” and then Said “My parents are leaving Wednesday night for Vegas. Come to see me.” I told him the only way I’d come is if his parents would be there when I arrived.

Now Ive been thinking about it and it concerns me that he might actually have this disorder and I’m trying to figure out if it would be safe for me to go see him. Lmk what you think.

Here’s some short facts that prob don’t mean anything but i would like your opinion:

-he 21 and wants to be a lawyer
-he’s been arrested for cocaine charges twice
-drinks everyday
-I heard rumors that he had beaten his ex girlfriend
-is very charming
-surrounded by girls and most people like him
-tells me long stories over text about giving money to homeless people ect.
-goes to sleep at like 5 am every night
-added me on find my friends the first night we met
-said he has a hard time opening up
-accuses me of worrying and causing him stress but all I do is confront him becuz I’m not overreacting. He simply just wasn’t treating me as good as when we first met.

I know I’m not certified or anything but do you guys think it’s possible he could have ASPD? Would it be safe to go to his house and spend the night when his parents aren’t home?
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Re: Do u think he has ASPD?

Postby ArchCannon » Sat Jun 16, 2018 2:13 am

Why do you think I would care to read this long a post?

But out of boredom, I'll give you a response based off the last paragraph:
If this person wasn't abusive towards you earlier, you're likely to be okay. Even if he is a psychopath, a psychopath doesn't equate to a rapist or a murderer.
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Re: Do u think he has ASPD?

Postby Reaper » Sat Jun 16, 2018 7:35 am

Whatdouthink wrote:I know I’m not certified or anything but do you guys think it’s possible he could have ASPD?

Nothing you've said indicates he has AsPD. You just sound like a couple of kids with a few minor concerns that are typical for people in your age-group (I assume you're both teenagers).

Would it be safe to go to his house and spend the night when his parents aren’t home?

Yes, I imagine so, but you shouldn't do it because he's not into you the way you want him to be, which was made obvious from this: I asked him if he likes me as a friend or more and he said he does like me, he’s “just not big into expressing emotions” (and a few other things he said as well).

Trust me, darlin, that's his way of telling you he's not interested in you as anything more than a friend or, with the invite to his house, a potential fuk buddy. You won't win his heart through sex, so don't even think about that (well, you can if you want. What you do is your business). If he wasn't interested in you romantically before he fuks you, he sure as shlt won't change his mind afterwards.
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