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Think I'm Starting to Heal

Open discussion about the Anti-Psychiatry Movement and related topics. This includes the opposition to forced treatment and hospitalization as well as the belief that Psychiatric Medication does more harm than good. Please note that these topics are controversial and therefore this forum may offend some people. This is not the belief of Psych Forums or Get Mental Help and this forum was posted to offer a safe place to discuss these beliefs.

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Think I'm Starting to Heal

Postby healingslowly » Sat Jan 02, 2021 5:30 pm

I am still on antipsychotic medication. Having said that I am trying to heal myself in all the ways I can, while being 24/7 on a substance that, to my definition, makes total and complete healing impossible. I don't really know what to say here, as this is my first post and I am new to the antipsych movement although it resonates with me, and has for a long time. I think the trauma that I experienced from being hospitalized and forced on medication was larger than the trauma that made me 'go insane,' before. According to my experience, it was suffering to an extreme that I was out of my depth and couldn't control or hide it, that brought me into the mental ward. It was a complete blockage of everything that caused that suffering, that got me out of it. This is what I don't agree with. The drygs took my pain away, and now I'm in a state where I'm not in touch with any deep part of myself. I think it was right for me to respond so dramatically to things that had happened in my life, before I as hospitalized. Even though I was in what others called a dangerous place, I think there was a way I could have gotten through it, maybe with a lot of the right kind of therapy, and then been able to heal and be ok again. But since that was not the route I was allowed to take and I was shoved into the hospital, I'm unable to heal from my first trauma and cannot even comprehend the trauma that all this forced psychiatry has brought to my perspective. I do have a really good therapist now. We've just started sessions, and I feel like I am maybe able to in the future develop a plan for how I could wean off or think about how that could happen. I am not bound to it, by law, anymore. I think it should be my right to make a choice about what I can say no to and what I feel comfortable with. I feel so hurt by what other people have said and convinced me are the 'right' ways to think, the 'healthy' ways to be in relationship to myself, which I don't think are healthy at all. Things are better than they used to be. I'm on a lighter medication than I was on before, and recently have started on a slightly lower dose of it. Because of that, my parents see me behaving more emotionally and think that's a real reason for concern and that I should probably go back to the higher dose. I personally just think I'm having a delayed response to things I haven't been able to process in my past, and that that's normal.
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Re: Think I'm Starting to Heal

Postby Copy_Cat » Sun Jan 24, 2021 5:04 am

Thats cool,

Your post went so long unanswered. I should check this board more. I was so active at one time.
I survived psychiatry.
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