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OCD and ED Recovery

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OCD and ED Recovery

Postby mocool » Fri Jun 07, 2019 2:04 am

I'm excited to be here again because this forum helped me so much when I was in the throws of having intense OCD. I'm happy I've decided to pursue recovery from ana - but it has not be easy in the slightest. I wanted to ask if anyone has had ocd thoughts in relation to recovery? I'm trying to listen and respond to extreme hunger, which is challenging because I'm actually at a "normal" weight for my height and this causes a lot of anxiety around weight gain, but I find myself having the thoughts:
"Is this really extreme hunger? Because if it's not and you respond to it, you are going to gain so much weight!" Same thing goes with mental hunger, I might have a passing thought about food and I find myself thinking "was that mental hunger? You need to respond to it. Wait, but no if you do it's not actual mental hunger and you are going to eat and keep gaining weight because this will never stop." It's driving me up a wall because I actually do want to recover, I just keep having these confounding thoughts that I'm going to keep gaining weight because that passing though was not "true mental hunger/extreme hunger" and if I respond that's going to make me gain weight and become sick. If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it. :D
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