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how did anorexia start for you

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Re: how did anorexia start for you

Postby Cristaline » Sat Dec 29, 2018 11:34 am

for us it is complicated, because even doctors don’t agree on it : do i have anorexic tendencies, real anorexia or eating disorders because of my autism-related sensory issues. I personally think i have slight anorexic tendencies, but that most of my eating problem is because of sensory issues.
I never ate normally, i only ate liquid or blended food till i was 12, and very few quantities. I started liking that it made me thinner than normal around 11, after a very traumatic experience, and i restricted my eating even more. That’s when doctors started to wonder whether or not I had anorexia.
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Re: how did anorexia start for you

Postby Neari » Thu Jan 17, 2019 11:14 pm

It started in 8th grade I think. I was just starting to have friends (plural!) for the first time, and after awhile, I began to notice how everyone seemed to have a really nice body, but not me. I've always been naturally skinny, but I ha a lot of belly fat I noticed, and it was harmless at first. I just wanted to be fit, and to have a nice body. I started sucking in my stomach a lot more, and I started learning about healthy eating. About calories, which today is still one of least favorite words. As time passed I began to obsess over restricting calories, hoping it would give me a flat stomach and a skinnier body, and it became so, so unhealthy. I was becoming underweight and losing my friends as I focused so much on food.
But it took me a long time to overcome it, the process has been ugly and painful and I don't like thinking about it tbh, but I feel happy because I feel I have overcome it. It never really goes away, but it doesn't rule my life anymore and make me miserable. So that's how it started, but it will end, for everyone who has had to deal with it, you're all so strong. ♥️♥️♥️
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Re: how did anorexia start for you

Postby esuzie1115 » Wed Feb 06, 2019 1:59 am

When I was little, I was made fun of for being a normal weight, but not skinny like most other girls my age who I was around. In forth grade, I became a cheerleader and was around skinnier girls than I was.I started chewing and spitting. I sucked the juice out of food and then spit the rest out. Then when I tried out for 7th grade cheerleader, I didn't make it because I still wasn't little enough. My momma put me on a diet and made me practice, practice, practice. It was all downhill even more for me. Now I am 43 and still hate food. I hate it being in my tummy. My health has really deteriorated. I'm saying that as I'm sitting here having chest pains. I am use to them though. I've lost my teeth too from lack of nutrition, dry mouth from meds, and acid from vomiting. It's a horrible thing to go through. I know yall can relate. I was also abused when I was little and always had self esteem issues too. :mrgreen:
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Re: how did anorexia start for you

Postby ElephantGraveyard » Wed Feb 27, 2019 3:48 am

Growing up I was a normal child, but that all changed when my family decided to pick up and move states. From there I was thrown into a whole new environment, and with that environment I was also forced to interact with a whole new set of kids. To me, they were strangers, and because they were strangers, I held distrust with them. I didn't want to talk to them or interact with them. I stuck to being by myself.

This honestly probably hadn't been the best decision, since bullies decided that since I had no friends that meant I had no one to stick up for me. I remember the first time I met the bullies clearly. I was on the monkey bars at recess and the leader came up to me and poked me in the stomach, calling me fat. Now I do admit I was a little chubby for my age, although most of that could be summed up to the fact that I was a bit slow to losing my baby fat and I also had scoliosis, which made my stomach naturally stick out.

I don't know why, but when I was told I was fat I really took that to heart. I decided I would no longer eat food, as my mom would always tell me that eating food made me grow big and strong. Considering I didn't want to be "big", I decided that not eating would keep me from being just that.

To this day I still struggle with anorexia, and I still relapse when I make mistakes with my diet. I am working on trying to eat once more, but as of the moment my diet is absolutely terrible and I know for a fact I am not getting the nutrition I need. Sometimes I skip breakfast, sometimes I skip lunch. A year or so back I also would skip dinner because it almost felt good going to bed with hunger pains. I don't know why, but for some reason that made me feel proud of myself. I am still underweight, although I have managed to get out of the "danger zone" for the meantime.
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