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Severe Anger advice

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Severe Anger advice

Postby Isolated91 » Mon Mar 22, 2021 11:38 am


For more than a year, I have been facing major problems in my psychological and social life.
Problems had been going on between my family and my wife for several years and I tried to solve the problem. But to no avail, I never tried again because I did not want to lose any of the parties ... and this matter made my wife very angry with me because she wanted me to confront my family and quarrel with them. The problems between her and my family increased so much that my father ordered me to take her out of the house (it is his). I had nothing but decided to travel with my wife and I to another country to get away from the problems. so she went to her family with my two children while I traveled to another country in order to start working for her brother. until I prove myself in my work, the plan was to bring my family immediately afterwards.. And here the problems began. My wife betrayed me and conspired with her brother to give me half of the agreed upon salary and refused to come to the country in which I work .. and she repeatedly requested a divorce and fought me with all her strength and stabbed me in the back. .. I tried to woo her repeatedly and bought gifts, it did not help .. She made me cry over the past year, especially since my children are with her and I cannot talk to them without feeling distressed .. every time I talk to them I feel very upset and I cannot continue the conversation .. She asked me to insult my family and because of what I am in, I did , my mother went to hospital because of me .. But after several days she turned on me again .. Then I realized that she would not be satisfied in any way, no matter what I do, so I reconciled with my family and apologized . I'm sure that there is no good in my wife at all despite everything I did for her and my acceptance When she wanted to travel and get away from problems ... my financial situation is very difficult because of my wife's conspiracy with her brother, and I have searched repeatedly for another job to no avail, I passed many certifications hoping that i would find another job but nothing happened ... I miss my children a lot .....
I can no longer bear patience ... I have been patient for more than a year with the humiliation, hardship of life, and the stabbing of my wife and her family for me ... But enough is enough ... My wife feed her grudge on my parents through me ... even though I was the one who kept her away from them and I stood by her side ... for more than a month, she has not spoken to me at all, and I try to talk to her, but she does not reply. I know she is GONE for good , there's no way to get her back.. If i had money she would agree that's 100 % guaranteed .. in fact this hurts me a lot..
I feel very angry and will not be more patient ... I will travel and take my children against her will, and she can do whatever she wants, I will not be silent this time .. No matter what I face, I will not be complacent .. Even if the matter comes to conflict with her family, I am ready .. and if the police come, I will resist even if they tied me In chains, I will try to take my right and take back what was stolen from me ... I cannot sleep and lost more than 20 kilos due to tension, depression and severe sadness ... But all peaceful methods did not work with her and her family ... I feel that anger and violence is the only solution with these Mean organisms, and whatever the results are i'll be ready..
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Re: Severe Anger advice

Postby NewSunRising » Tue Mar 23, 2021 12:12 pm

Welcome Isolated91 ,

I am so sorry that you are going through this and your anger certainly seems justified . I really think you should talk to someone - a counselor , a therapist or even a grief group - because I think you are grieving and anger / rage is a part of that .

Please remember - your kids will always be your kids . Some day they will be grown adults and the things you do now will have a direct effect on how they relate to you when they are grown . What childhood memories do you want them to have ?

Of a father who always expressed his love and caring for them no matter what their mother did or said ?

Or of an enraged , scary man who attempted to take them by force ?

And , yes ... the police will come . No one will benefit from this . Not you , not your children and not your relationship with them years from now .

Look to your future and get some help with this anger now . That is the best thing you can do for yourself and your kids .
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Re: Severe Anger advice

Postby taniasg11 » Mon Apr 05, 2021 12:06 pm

Really sorry to hear about your pain. I can only imagine how it must feel to get betrayed by someone who you trust enough to leave everything behind for.
But anger will not things any better. It is only going to cloud your sense of judgement and make you take actions which you are going to regret later on. Evene if the relationship between you and your wife is way beyond repair, try to take the next step gracelfully. Remember that she is still the mother of your kids. Even if you win the battle against her and win your kids back, she is still going to be a part of their life. So be kind and patient. It is only going to help you in future.

My advice is to stay calm. Seek professional help like from a cousellor. Getting professional help will guide you towards the correct way. Talking to a third person may help you figure out an angle to the problem, which you are not able to do on your own.
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Re: Severe Anger advice

Postby trodumaria » Sat Sep 11, 2021 4:45 pm

hey there , sorry to hear that you are suffering too , I HAVE ANGER ISSUES MY SELF THAT LEADS ME TO SITUATIONS i DON'T WANT TO BE IN IT , I lost alot of my friends because of it and the problem is I don't want this to be happening , I really feel that it's not my fault but sometimes I look at myself IN THE MIRROR AND HATE WHAT i SEE , I have gone to different psychists and nothing helped me , I cry at nights breaking things all of the bad stuff , I just needed this to be out, and thank you for reading
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