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Stepmother wants to divorce, is become ill in alzheimers

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Stepmother wants to divorce, is become ill in alzheimers

Postby Mulla » Tue Dec 18, 2018 3:59 pm

My dads wife has recently submitted an application for divorcing. In fact, I don't care about her, she have always accused me for being lazy and things like that, because I can't work any more. She had a son which suffered from schizophrenia, and before she met my dad, he committed suicide.

But I think her divorcing depends on beginning Alzheimers... I have noticed how oblivious she is. For example, we use to go to theatre, and in the afternoon, she ask when the theatre begins for about 10 times...

I've seen people get ill in Alzheimers, my grandma. My poor grandpa wanted to have her home at long that it is was possible. But in the last years she went on a nursing home. She didn't take a note when my grandpa, her husband, died. She didn't recognised my father or me. And the little she talked was on German. They came from Germany.

But I care about my dad! He had agreed to the divorcing, but I think my stepmother is becoming very ill... For now, she accuse my dad to take over her money-account. In fact, it is my dad who pays all the bills and other costs. He owns 75% of their flat, and 50% of their company.

But I still wonder what is going to happen to her... I guess she is going to move to an apartment and only have contact with her daughter. But I think she can't take care of her self for a longer time. Well, I don't really have a question, maybe just wonder if someone recognize the situation?
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