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How dangerous is alcohol on a daily basis?

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How dangerous is alcohol on a daily basis?

Postby dimiswebs » Wed Oct 04, 2017 1:55 pm

Alcohol is a part of culture for many countries. Whether for celebration or dinner, a cozy round with friends or just happy news. There is always a reason for a glass of wine. Often alcohol leads to good mood and sometimes you even expect to drink a glass in a convivial round. In measure, drinking alcohol is reasonable. But there is another side of drinking alcohol, in which people are able to fall in very quickly, without realizing the danger. In recent years, and especially for younger ages, the consuming of alcohol has been increased. Although these substances are prohibitive for minors, they are often not controlled by shopkeepers. People can thus ignore the risk of consuming large quantities of alcohol, resulting an increase in hospital incidents from alcohol poisoning. Consuming alcohol can lead to considerable problems and consequential damage. According to studies, in Europe alcohol is the third most common cause of premature death due to health problems, after smoking and hypertension. Approximately 23 million people are dependent on alcohol and 55 million suffer from excessive alcohol consumption only in Europe. In addition, the persistent consumption of alcohol has a negative impact on interpersonal relations and worsening of working capacity. The problem is that the effect of alcohol is often perceived as positive. This increases the likelihood, that the substance will be consumed again. The positive effects can be very strong, so that the intake can no longer be controlled. The result is the abuse and the dependency. A research done in Amerika and the Netherlands, has shown that there is a direct relationship with alcohol problems and some psychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenic tendencies, emotional or anxiety problems (Geerlings and Van den Brink, 1995). Also, personality disorders occurred in over 40% of the alcoholics involved in this research (Verheul et al., 1996). When alcohol is abused, problems arise from the failure of various obligations, as well as legal consequences for any wrongdoing. Social exclusion and problems with all kinds of relationships are also a consequence of alcoholism. Apart from interpersonal and cultural difficulties, the person also faces physical and mental harms. Drinking alcohol can lead to significant health problems. Research has shown that 100,000 Americans die each year from alcohol-related illnesses. Memory loss, headaches, fainting, stomach, heart, brain problems and cancer can be the effect of frequently use of alcohol. The worst that can happen, in this case, is the death from alcohol consuming itself or death from his mental consequences, such as depression, anxiety. The problems of alcoholism are also dangerous for the fellow men. It is a good idea to get ahead and intervene, if we find out that someone is facing a problem like this. Most of these people need help and can’t get out of this phyllo circle. A combination of medical care and psychological support is the best way to improve. So, if you want to drink alcohol daily, it is a good idea not to get over one glass. Caution and measure are the alpha and the omega. The rule that says, “Everything in good measure,” applies also here. Alcohol should be taken consciously and in a measure. On the contrary, abuse of this, endangers themselves, but also other people.

Source: How dangerous is alcohol on a daily basis? / MottoCosmos.com
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