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bipolar alcoholic. lamictal abilify success story

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bipolar alcoholic. lamictal abilify success story

Postby sammymaguire » Wed May 17, 2017 9:45 am

I was a bipolar alcoholic for 20 years. These were my main issues..

1 I had no off switch. One drink would trigger mega cravings for more

2 I had mega blackouts

3 I was a messy fighting drunk with zero control over my behaviour

Last year my doc put me on Lamictal. It calmed me down and wiped out a layer of wired agitated depression but it wasnt enough. Then she put me on a drug called Abilify maintena and my 3 problems disappeared in a puff of smoke. That is it. I have been a normie now for 6 months.

My off switch is fine. I am starting to forget what blackouts fell like and I am a calm and stable drinker..welL as much as anyone is. I Started one last drug for resuidal anxiety called sertraline and I never looked back.I know I am home and dry. Obviously this means that some types of alcoholic brain chemistry are completely curable just like a throat infection. I am very lucky becausei have that type even if it took me 20 horrendous and life ruining years to find that out. :?
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Re: bipolar alcoholic. lamictal abilify success story

Postby Torivic » Thu Aug 10, 2017 6:08 pm

I am so grateful to read your story. My 23 year old nephew is bi-polar and has a serious drinking addiction. What you said is exactly the same behaviour my nephew is displaying. It was already hard dealing with his bi-polar but with alcohol added to the mix makes thugs extremely harder. I'm happy that life has turned around for you.
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