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Politics and Female Alcohol Addiction

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Politics and Female Alcohol Addiction

Postby MindViewer » Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:34 am

An interesting article by a German Professor of Medicine about some peculiarities of female alcoholism.

Politics and Female Alcohol Addiction


According to World Health Statistics, alcohol-related deaths level 7% of the all-causes mortality in the world. Also more than 6% falls within the global burden of diseases caused by alcohol addiction. The rate of alcohol-impaired-driving fatalities and the number of alcohol-related violent crimes have been even more tragic. Unfortunately, these figures have been rising year in and year out, in spite of anti-alcoholism efforts undertaken by governments all over the world. This article is the result of an unbiased research. It is concerned with one of the most problematic risk groups, which has been hardly ever mentioned for fear of accusations of chauvinism and humiliation based on gender.

Speaking from my firsthand experience, one of the most intractable detached psychological injuries is female alcoholism. Denial of this problem is as good as burying our heads in the sand like ostriches. For a woman it is embarrassing and difficult to accept this diagnosis, even in everyday life. As for women in politics, they are forced to face additional obstacles while fighting for their health.

None of such public figures, like actors, politicians, public relations specialists, or journalists, belong to themselves. That is why they need the daily psychological safety valve. In that case alcohol is one of the most available and quick-acting relaxants. Actresses and female politicians in particular are affected by this addiction. Suffice it to recall Edith Piaf or Judy Garland early passed away because of their obsessions. In clinical care such patients require the unique techniques of treating designed to timely block exacerbations of the disease without extra nervous tension and disastrous effects on health which commonly accompany the process of healing.

It is well-known that a woman's body is more sensitive than that of a man to an harmful effect of alcohol. Smaller volume of water in the organism (by 10 %) leads to the stronger blood alcohol concentration. Concurrently, the progression of dependence among women unfolds over period from 6 months to 2 years, which is 5 times faster than among men. That is why female alcoholism must be made a separate psychonarcological malady characterized by central nervous system damage and visceral injuries as a result of regular excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. Politics presents continuous nervous tension next to stress. As a rule, politicians are allowed to the highest levels of government at the age of women's physiologic changes related to natural extinction of reproductive performance. During this very period some women suffer from excessive physical and moral discomfort.

It is a particular challenge for women in politics living in countries with deep-seated tradition of drinking. Among them are the Czech Republic, Germany and Spain. Numerous beer festivals have been a severe test for any politician eager both to keep a folksy image and save his face. In such situation a drinks refusal may be considered not only as bad manners, but also as a weakness. Thus the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg expressed his admiration with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel's wine-drinking stamina after another one 'top level negotiation'.

Yet, only qualified narcologists know the worth of such 'stamina'. Coding with chemical injections is irrelevant in these cases. That is why permanent detoxification therapy, maintaining of proper functioning of internal organs and systems of body, and strict psychological control is critical. Mind you any treatment is useless without that control, however. One of the first steps is an intensive gesticulation management, which is a sign of emotional malfunction accompanying alcoholism. Not without reason hands pressed together or bridged hands has been a favorite gesture of many famous ladies.

Such external symptoms as a puffy face, poor health of hair and purple and cyanosed spots on skin might be made away with massage and a good makeup artist. But the cardiovascular system concerns, childlessness and sexual anesthesia, depression and mental affection, and a propensity for obesity or emaciation on the contrary, are the hardest problems for those, who are always in the public eye. Any refusing to eat or drink on the social scene at once becomes fodder for vile gossip and speculations inventing unthinkable diagnosis. This is where you'll come to regret a job at the bar back in college, when easy access to alcohol destroys a delicate female body.

If a woman in politics goes to communicate with people precisely over a beer without any necessity; if male colleagues take notice that she drinks much more than them; if mass media and physicians start suspecting her suffering from various diseases, from the diabetics to the narcissistic personality disorder; it's time to think of taking a break. My principal recommendation to the hardest clients is to step aside and to come to grips with their health and psychotherapy. Unfortunately, for the majority of world-famous female politicians considering such prescription is impossible and even ridiculous. But the thing to remember is that otherwise the society will lose many dignified members much earlier than it should. It is better to take a breather and recover strength, than to get broken by a dangerous illness.

It concerns not only public people. Guard your health and health of your family. Lend a helping hand to those who need it.

Wolfgang Sperling, Prof. Dr. med

Original article.
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