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Fairly certain I'm agoraphobic

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Fairly certain I'm agoraphobic

Postby PsychGolfer » Fri Mar 24, 2023 11:51 pm

I do leave the house but rarely. I goto work and sometimes I make myself go see a movie a few times a year. But I hate leaving the house and I have very poor social skills like I'm terrified of people and I'm cynical so I avoid them if I can. At the same time I wish I had some friends to talk to and hang out with but I'm a poor person and it seems like everybody I meet is on drugs and alcohol and I am not anymore I am over 1 year sober and I am not going to let that stuff stop me from having a real life with a real career. But yeah every so often I goto the ER with panic attacks and they give me Ativan and tell me to get a provider to prescribe them but none of my providers will prescribe them to me so I just keep cycling in and out of emergency rooms begging for a dose of ativan to calm me down. But when I'm at home I'm chill and quiet and relaxed usually laying down or reading books or playing video games but stress from things outside my little apartment drive me into a panicked state. But yeah I'm about to start college as a psychology major so I'm hoping things will get better for me after I get a few semesters in maybe the doctors will give me the medicine I need.
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