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Agoraphobia or Social Anxiety?

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Agoraphobia or Social Anxiety?

Postby lilbb » Thu Mar 25, 2021 9:17 pm

I thought that I have social anxiety disorder but now I'm not so sure. Now I'm wondering if I have agoraphobia. Is there a way to tell the difference between the two?

It looks like agoraphobia is more of a fear, while social anxiety is more of a fear of embarrassment.

A few things about me:

I certainly have a comfort zone when it comes to the areas I drive in. I don't mind driving around my town, but panic when I drive beyond it, especially if there's construction work going on. I'll go to my local Target for curbside pickup, but get kind of panicky about it. If I go in to the store, I have tons of anxiety. I usually try to avoid going in at all by myself. I'll even talk myself out of going.

I have anxiety in most social situations, especially large gatherings. I have no idea how to make conversation either.

I have anxiety about calling people on the phone, even if I like them.

I have anxiety when people say, "hi" to me whether it be in passing or in a video game lobby/chat room (while waiting for the next game to start).

When at a family member's house, I even have anxiety about using the bathroom. Sometimes I'd listen and wait for them to go outside to smoke a cigarette, then go to the bathroom. Of course, the one properly working bathroom was right in their living room.

I hate going to restaurants because I have anxiety over having to talk to the server.

I would be perfectly happy if I could spend the rest of my life in my house. If I had money, I would do that and have everyone come to me (grocery delivery service, doctors, veterinarian, etc.).

I don't know that I worry about being embarrassed, but I don't ever want to be embarrassed at all. It will bother me for hours afterwards. I don't even use social media or like having my picture taken because I would be devastated if I went viral for whatever reason. I'm always hypervigilent with what people are doing with their phones. I worry about someone secretly taking video of me and posting it online. Although, in the world we live in now, I actually think more people should be worried about that.

I've basically been this way my entire life. Certain things are getting better, others are getting worse. I've done well at hiding it. Some people simply think I'm shy. Others would be shocked to know I struggle with this. I live with my parents and I have them both completely fooled. It's not intentional, I realized as a child and teenager that there was something wrong with me and started "masking" out of fear.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Agoraphobia or Social Anxiety?

Postby Snaga » Fri Mar 26, 2021 4:31 am

I'm reading that they can also be comorbid. It seems as if you have elements of both.

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