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Agoraphobia and Coronavirus

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Re: Agoraphobia and Coronavirus

Postby littleDaria » Thu Jun 10, 2021 5:08 am

its really been a challenge because it tossed our daily routine out the window. we've only just tried seeing our therapist in person for the first time in months. we can't grocery shop alone.
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Re: Agoraphobia and Coronavirus

Postby KitMcDaydream » Wed Jul 14, 2021 7:19 am

I'm autistic/DID and some of my alters have loved lockdown, mainly the more autistic one's (including myself) who don't like doing things in front of people or don't enjoy social events at all. The more sociable ones (who used to deal with college/work/appointments etc) have been a bit bored as there's been no appointments everything's been cancelled and we've not been able to work for years due to other health/mobility issues too.

Luckily for them we have a vast inner world were they have their own lives when they're not out front anyway.

I have been the host mostly during the pandemic cos I enjoy the peace and quiet and no pressure to socialise. A child alter has started to feel safe enough to come out more often too and start communicating with us during lockdown too. I had told everyone 'I' (as in 'the body' - in whatever form they now us as) am in the clinically extremely vulnerable group which instantly relieved all expectation to risk socialising.

Which means we can stay as we are through this 'great unlocking' cos its too dangerous with social distancing and masks been cancelled plus these newer more infectious variants. I reckon we're safe from social expectations until next spring/summer now!

We will be seeing immediate family only as only have one sibling (parents died years ago so we only have each other), but other than them and people delivering stuff to us...no face-to-face social contact at all since beginning of last year until hopefully next spring/summer which gives me and our most autistic child alter another year 'out' safely, with no-one in the real world knowing about us! (we're both very avoidant).

I guess if life does ever get back to normal we'll have to go back inside to let the more social ones deal with all the catch up appointments.

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