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Advice about socializing?

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Advice about socializing?

Postby angelbabe » Thu May 03, 2018 8:01 pm

Hi guys,
so I have had agoraphobia since I was around 17 years old and left school. However, I now am attending college (am actually in my 2nd year :D ) It was really hard getting there. But I met some nice people that I could picture being great friends... However, I've been isolated for so long.
Now that school is coming to an end soon, I want to make plans and stay friends with the people from my school. For anyone that was very isolated but then started hanging out with people again, can you help me by giving me advice? Maybe a few suggestions about making plans.

If anyone could give me advice on making plans and doing something fun with friends, please let me know! Thanks so much :D
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Re: Advice about socializing?

Postby salted lipstick » Wed Jun 27, 2018 1:47 pm

Congratulations on the progress you have made, that was very positive to read about...

Making plans might depend on what you are comfortable with and like doing.
Ideas might be things like coffee, the movies, the beach, bowling, movie nights at someone's house, manicures etc
Narrowing it down from there might depend on what you feel like you can cope with. Is there already a coffee shop you like to sometimes visit that you feel comfortable with, perhaps you could arrange to meet there? If you are struggling to get out of the house, perhaps invite someone to yours to watch a movie? etc. You get the idea, just go with what you are comfortable with and gradually push yourself to expand the activities as you think you can cope to go more places and do more things. If you aren't great in large groups, start with just inviting people to hang out with you in one on one time.

What do you feel is your biggest hurdle you need to overcome about making plans?

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Also, if you haven't been able to go anywhere other than to your college campus, just arrange to catch up with people there. I'm sure they probably have some nice lawns to have picnic on or somewhere to eat that you have passed and are familiar with that are less stressful than trying to push yourself to go more places you haven't managed to go to yet.
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