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Severe agoraphobia. Help!?

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Severe agoraphobia. Help!?

Postby Leslieslsa23 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 3:53 am

So basically for a little background info, I am on disability and have been for 6 yrs due to bipolar, borderline personality disorder, agoraphobia, ocd, addiction, and an eating disorder. I am in and out of the psych ward constantly and have been since I was 16. At this point my agoraphobia and anxiety in general is SO severe I cannot go past a block away from my house unless its by ambulance. I am on all kinds of medications for my issues and two particularly for anxiety, but it just doesn't seem to get better. Instead its gotten so bad I feel completely detached from the outside world and even tho I have a car I cannot even imagine myself going places anymore. At all. Its almost like a mental block and seems like an impossibility. I can't even go to any doctors or therapists or anything. My health is also not so good for a 29 yr old and I feel that something is wrong but I can't even step into a gas station much less go to a doctors appointment. I am so stuck. And it just keeps getting worse no matter what I try to do. God I just don't want to die like this. I want to have a chance to actually live again. It just seems impossible at this point. I am so lost. What do I do?
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