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Crossing Streets/Open Spaces

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Crossing Streets/Open Spaces

Postby NJO » Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:50 pm

Hi all,
I am new to this forum but grateful that it is somewhere to get info. Would appreciate any insight. I have been doing research/reading. Not sure if I have general anxiety or a specific phobia. I have been a developing agoraphobia for years now but it seems to be getting worse. My problem is that I get very anxious when crossing streets or open spaces. If someone is beside me, I'm generally ok. To get out by myself for appts. etc. I need to bring a bundle buggy - guess it grounds me so I don't feel like I am going to fall.

Think my amygdala (fight or flight) brain system is out of whack? Had a bad fall off a moving treadmill in February. Really shook me up. Since then I can't cross streets without holding onto something. My husband is very supportive but it is embarrassing to tell friends. Discussed this with my family doctor - she suggested CBT but just not sure what to do.

Would hypnosis therapy work? Also thought about acupuncture for anxiety? Guess I'm clutching at straws - willing to try anything. I am not on meds & don't really want to be.
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