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Thoughts of a dreamer...

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Thoughts of a dreamer...

Postby Fenris10188 » Tue Apr 11, 2017 9:46 pm

Do you ever believe yourself to be more happier in the dream world than you are in reality? The people you meet there don’t seem to abide by any conventional standards of what is considered “normal” or “correct”. They are a reflection of everything you’d truly like to find in a person. They are the exception to every carbon copy of what is socially accepted as ordinary or popular, and as unique as you could ever hope to find! In one night, you can fall in love and be happy, only to feel an overwhelming sadness from the moment you awake. Perhaps it is because some of us want different things than those which are considered commonplace. Someone who has felt and dreamt the same things. Someone different. The people I have always desired the most have always been more of a dream than a reality I guess. I don’t want to be “normal” if it means giving up the depth of feeling I have acquired in sadness. I’d be happy meeting someone standing next to the same void, and looking for the same set of answers. Is that really so much to ask?
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Re: Thoughts of a dreamer...

Postby BBKnight » Thu Apr 20, 2017 5:36 pm

Hello friend i am Brian,

The concept of "i am defined by my pain" is in my opinion true and like a double edged sword.
On one side that pain and sadness can consume and destroy us make life unbearable the thoughts of not only ourselves but others suffering needlessly will break the heart and mind of any person.
But on the other side of that sword our experience and pain once mastered and accepted gives us a power a force a reason to do right and good so that we can protect and help others from suffering as we have and hopefully change human life for the better.
Look throughout human history, there are countless tales of people who had suffered rising up and meeting their personal challenge.
I cannot remember the quote exactly but Mohammad Ali once declared that when he entered the ring, he was not fighting for himself but for the poor and destitute people sleeping on concrete floors and so on. He came from poverty he saw suffering and prejudice but it did not break him it made him strong it gave him motivation to move forward to meet the challenge. Be like that make your pain your power take from the hurt and the sadness and the pain and make something good with it. =)

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