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Prostitution Ring *may trigger*

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Prostitution Ring *may trigger*

Postby delicateinfj24 » Fri Mar 16, 2018 4:50 pm

im Going to keep this post minimal because this is very hard for me to talk about, I’ve never told anyone and I feel very vulnerable but I do feel like I need to say it out loud and hopefully I get a response because I feel so lost in it all....
Here it goes
I grew up in a privileged part of town, I had good friends or so I thought... when I was 16 one of my female friends and I were out getting coffee. She prompted a question to me, “ wouldn’t it be cool if we got paid to go on dates with guys?” I thought she was joking, I laughed it off and said yeah I guess. She said “well I know someone who can pay us” she then told me she was going to meet the guy tonight at another coffee shop we frequently went to. I told her I would go with her mostly because I was worried and not because I was interested. That night we met the guy in the parking lot, he was older over weight and had a really nice car. He asked us to get in and we did. He asked us to show him our breasts. I was hesitant but my friend did so I did too. After that he gave us each $100. He said all we need to do are simple things like this and we will get paid. I continued to meet up with him. I never went with other men. Just him. He wanted oral. So I did it. Several times. One day he invited me to his home. I went. It was in the hills, secluded and the first mansion I’ve ever been to. I felt honored? I felt excited? The house was so big there were so many stairs that’s all I remember. He asked me to go in a room and undress so I did. He wanted to have anal sex. I’d never done that before but he said he would give me $1500. So I began to let him do it. I couldn’t handle the pain and I wanted to stop. I asked him for the money and he said “I need to cum in your anus then you’ll get your money”. I don’t know why but I’m that moment I lost it. I jumped up and started putting my clothes on he started yelling at me and threw a bunch of money at me. I picked up the money (I feel so guilty about this part) and ran literally ran out of the house got in my car and started driving. The whole way home I only said one thing “that wasn’t me, that never happened to me”. Anyways. I found out from the fBI coming to my school that this man was starting prostitution rings all over the country. I felt so embarrassed, I denied everything. They said we’ve seen your messages we know you speak with him, and I denied denied denied. I’m 24 now. Never told a soul about this. I don’t know how to process it I don’t know if it’s changed me or how it’s effected me because it’s buried so deep. I just felt like I needed to get it out there.
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Re: Prostitution Ring *may trigger*

Postby Terry E. » Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:59 am

Happens in most countries and we have had women on here who went past the level you went. All simple step by step, like a frog being boiled in a pot. I have met some personally. What it starts like is never what it finishes like. You may have dodged a bullet. From what the FBI said you may now have an idea how he could afford the house.

Maybe have a think about another talk with the FBI (make sure you evidence can not be used against you. )

May help some other girls who got dragged in much further get closure.
Terry E.
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