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Has anybody had this reaction with Riddlin?

Okay, so Tuesday I was prescribed Riddlin to keep me awake during the day. (I have adderall to wake me up in the morning but I crash when it wears off so that's why I was given Riddlin) So I took it Wednesday and all of a sudden I had suicidal thoughts and I was very close to killing myself. I didn't take the Riddlin yesterday and the thoughts were still there but not as ...
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What's up with me?

I thought his was a little weird, so I thought I'd post it. :)

Yesterday, I looked outside and I saw a curly haired man. All I really saw was the top of his head, and then I saw him walking. I asked my dad if someone was out there and he said no. I know that I saw someone. I can still see it play back ...
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What medications are you on?

So basically, what is your diagnosis and what are each medication for? I'll start.

Diagnosis: Schizoaffective Disorder along with anxiety problems

Xanax - for anxiety
Buspar - again for anxiety
Geodon - used as an anti-psychotic
Zyprexa - used as an anti-psychotic
Lithium - anti-depressant
Prozac - anti-depressant
Adderall - amphetimine, used to keep me awake and so I can wake up at a reasonable hour in the morning
Riddlen - amphetimine, used to ...
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I caaaan't sleeep

its 5.30 am. i cant get back to sleep. i havnt been sleeping well for 3 days. my psychiatrist gave me antipsychotic tranquilizers but its too late for me to use them or else id be knocked out for school. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE PUT ME TO SLEEP. i cant stand this.
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i have the feeling lots of people blame their illnes of mind for everything that happens...

i have intrusive thoughts because i have been diagnosed with this..
i lie because i have a compulsive lieing disorder...

i know that the things that happen can be related to a name some dude in a dusty librairy thought up.. but to say that everything fits into those disorders.. i feel sometimes like there is noone or nothing ...
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I have a question...

Does anyone else wish this forum was called Mental disability rather than mental illness?

I don't have a mental illness, but I do have a mental disability:
I've lost about half my working memory and more than half of my processing speed -- all because of low B12 -- but I get really obsessed about B12, so I won't go there.

Do any of the others of you have a disability rather than an illness??? ...
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hearing things that arent there :-S

im confused... let me explain...

my mum vomits alot, because of stress and maybe depression i dont know and i dont really care. the point is this.. not a moment ago i thought i heard my mother puking and her boyfriend talking to her in a loud voice.. when i looked outside my room.. noone was there.. my mum was sound asleep and the toilet bowl was clean..

but im sure i heard it.. it ...
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Special feelings with special numbers

Does anybody else here get a good feeling when they see certain numbers or phrases (that would not normally make somebody feel good)? I personally have a few and they are related to time. Times like 12:34, 1:23, 2:34, 3:45, 4:56 make me feel good when I see them on a clock, for the most part the clock should be digital for me to get the full effect. Does anybody know what is going on ...
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quick question

Could any of these symptoms be just a result of a psych disorder and/or the stress of it, or should I get it checked out?
-tension headaches
-dizzy spells
-stomach cramps
-excessive need to urinate

XPosted in the Bipolar form. (I hope that's allowed... I'm not sure exactly what's up with me yet, so I thought I'd put it on a more generalized board as well.)
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Alright, this is seriously becoming a problem

If you are associating the food with the image of something grosse the only way that I can think of changing those thoughts around is with postive self talk.

Reminding yourself that whenever you are eating that is not what your mind is thinking.

Force it down so to speak. That's how i'd do it. You don't want to develop a phobia of food because of thoughts that you find disgusting.

Do you know why ...
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