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Very Concerned About Faking

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Very Concerned About Faking

Postby MozHat » Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:10 am

Hi! I haven't posted here before, but there was an issue that's been bothering me. Recently, I've been learning more about different types of mental illness, for a school project. One thing I was recently focusing on was Tourette's Syndrome, people's experiences with it, and how it happens. I have had tics in the past along with my own mental illness issues, but I have never been diagnosed with Tourette's.

I've found that, the more I read about it, the more the old tics start to bother me again, along with new ones sometimes showing up, which confused me a lot. I'm really concerned that, in some way, I'm doing it in some purposeful way, that I'm somehow romanticizing it. Maybe psychosomatic in some way?

I thought it would be good to get opinions from people who have dealt with this instead of just like symptom checking on WebMD. I do have a psychiatrist I could speak with if it legitimately becomes a problem. Thanks so so much! :wink:
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