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Ways to hold it back.

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Ways to hold it back.

Postby darktooth » Mon Jun 11, 2012 7:47 pm

I'd like to know if there are easy ways to push back my sexual urges. My girlfriend told me recently that I want sex so much it bothers her, sure she does it with me to make me happy and she feels good but it gone to such an excessive amount that it makes her think that im using her sometimes. I love this girl and the last thing I want is to break up because she can't take it. I'm also a porn addict but ive been holding off on masturbating because I read it can cause erectile dysfunction. Could it be that shes my first sexual partner that I'm like this? I'm 22 and ive had other girlfriends before but nothing sexual came out of it. It probably didnt affect me as bad before because I never had it before and I always went to porn. Now I love it, I love making my girlfriend feel good, I love pleasing her, I love the look on her face, the passion, everything. But every little thing sets me off and makes me aroused. Long story short, I love how I feel about sex, I just don't want it to bother her anymore. I was thinking of just numbing myself sexually but that wont work. I just want to hold it in in a way that wont bother me or her. Then just bring it out when she wants it.
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Re: Ways to hold it back.

Postby TheYellowMonkey » Tue Jun 12, 2012 12:57 pm

My advice is to stop using pornography while in a committed sexual relationship. I don't believe the two are compatible. Whether or not you masturbate, you are using pornographic images to fuel sexual fantasy. If you are doing it secretly you're also introducing deception to your sexual relationship.

Solitary pornography use is generally unhealthy because it objectifies sex as an end in itself, rather than as an expression of emotional connection between people. When we train our minds with pornography, we eventually damage our ability to feel that connection, even when being sexual with our partners.

Recovering sex and pornography addict
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