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Guy BI Sexual Addiction

Sexual Addiction message board, open discussion, and online support group.

Guy BI Sexual Addiction

Postby cali61911 » Mon Jan 23, 2012 2:35 am

hi, i am 22 years old in college and have a girlfriend and i think i am addicted to sex. well mainly orgasm. had a girlfriend before and cheated on her with mainly girls and then started off experimenting with guys. dont think im gay i really prefer being with a girl than with a guy. but since i am in a long distance relationship i get horny and i want to blow a load. im not into sucking dick even tho i have tried before but dont like it at all. dont mind rubbing someone elses dick tho. im mainly into getting blowjobs and topping...never bottomed. just met guys on craigslist and have had them pick me up and suck me up or go to their place and let them suck me up and sometimes even ###$ them. did this very regularly and now i think ive been with about 20+ guys...and after orgasm regreted every single one and found it kinda gross in a way that i had gotten a bj from a guy. i want to know your opinion about my situation
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Re: Guy BI Sexual Addiction

Postby donovan, learning » Mon Jan 23, 2012 3:01 pm

I think that 20+ times is more than just "being horny" because you're in a long-distance relationship.

Your gf will be devastated if she ever learned of your behavior and your cheating. Please, for her sake, get out of the relationship. You could give her an STD by this behavior. Make an excuse, tell her something about the distance being too much to handle, but give her the respect of realizing that you're not maintaining "your part of the bargain"--you're cheating, and that guilt and shame is probably contributing to your depression which in turn is making you seek out satisfaction in sex. This is the classic road to sexual addiction.

When you are out of your relationship and single then you can decide whether or not to admit to yourself that you are bisexual. You sure sound like it. But right now, you may not be able to admit it because you would have to hide it in your present gf-relationship. In any case, this long-distance thing isn't working out for you because you're not able to handle it faithfully. Please get out of this relationship because you are being unfaithful, and that's just not fair.

You will feel better about yourself if you let this girl go to find someone who can be faithful to her. Then you can work on your own issues of your sexuality and your loneliness. Using sex to distract yourself from the guilt and shame that you're feeling now will lead you nowhere good. Please consider this seriously.
donovan, learning
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Re: Guy BI Sexual Addiction

Postby Anew » Sat Feb 18, 2012 5:51 pm

I am in the same boat. For me it is not isolated to just other men, but men are easier to find, and it was easier for me to define it as a form of extended masturbation if it was not a woman. All self lies I continue to tell. I would be with a guy and would do anything, and once I came, I was as straight as an arrow wondering how the hell to get out of there, and ashamed.

If you are driven to do this and you feel it takes you away from the things you care about, you should not let yourself feel ashamed; admit it, step up and start defining what is important, and what it takes to know thyself and define your path to get where you really want to be. This was a great step on that path, congratulations, and keep going.
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