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Communication Breakdown

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Communication Breakdown

Postby Ohio » Fri Jun 15, 2012 4:37 am

I have schizoaffective and am great danger of losing my wife over it. She's to the point where me not communicating with her is a major issue and she's thinking about leaving. Anybody else out there who have trouble communicating,talking to people even your wife or husband? and Has that changed for the good? If so what helped the change for the good? any type of medications or therapy that helped you with communicating better with your wife or husband or people in general?

I've had schizoaffective since I was a teenager and have thought the t.v was talking to me or about me. One time I was with my aunt's husband and he drives a dump truck and I went with him one day and had a episode and thought the cb was talking about me. I thought he and his friend on the cell phone were talking about me also. I've had so many instances like that.I have the depressive side of schizoaffective and can't seem to bring myself out of the house. I've been like this for probably 6months to a year and it hasn't gotten better

Anybody with the depression side of schizoaffective come "out of it"? if so what medications or therapy helped you? I have the depression side of schizoaffective so bad my wife is thinking about leaving me. I have trouble communicating with people ,my family and my wife. I don't feel like getting up in the morning sometimes I think why don't I just go get the gun and end it so I can sleep forever because it's that bad ,but I don't. I just need some advice from you people out there that I know have gone through the same thing I have gone through. Thats why I feel so alone sometimes because noone in my family has dealt with schizoaffective. I feel alone alot ,empty,sad ,just a shell.

They currently got me on Invega and thats helping with the schizoaffective ,but nothings helping with the depression.I feel so alone like no doctor is gonna help me ,but I think I need to go to OSU hospital to get it treated cause this center we have in my backwoods town doesn't help at all. If anybody could help me out on this sitiuation I would greatly appreciate it
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Re: Communication Breakdown

Postby weezyfosheezy » Sat Jun 16, 2012 9:16 am

Why is communication a problem? Have you tried sitting down with some tea and just talk about your problems. If she is hesitant or unwilling to talk remind her you love her with all your heart and want to do whatever you possibly can to make her happy and I wish you would talk about whats going on (but use your own words that is just what I said).


Take none of this as a failure on your part, but an opportunity to better your relationship
Your done with the past (it may not be done with you) but the present is the greatest gift one has

To get over the depressed part being a blind optimist helps me. Most of the problems are we dont take stock of what we are greatful for and usually take for grated. Personally if I manage to get in the shower I'm happy i was able to do that, making it easier to eat breakfast which I am happy I was able to do that. Hobbies help. And be so grateful you found a wife. Sometimes it helps me to do something for someone else (you wife for example), so getting out of bed, giving her a great big hug, smiling are wonderful things you can do for you wife. She loves you enough to say she wants to spend her life with you dig deep and find the love you have for her to give you strength
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