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Help for spouse and marriage

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Help for spouse and marriage

Postby rmk99 » Wed Mar 30, 2011 2:43 pm

Hi. I am wondering how best to support my spouse and save my marriage. He has been quite paranoid for some time, related to feeling persecuted at work, but he's generally quite functional at work. However, his delusions of persecution have now reached me. He has moved out because I am poisoning him, etc. He is living with mom, and I am in close contact with her. He sees a great therapist (who has seen us together) and is changing psychiatrists, but does not believe that he needs more medication. Right now he's completely unaware of his illness, although at times he has more insight. It seems like the only thing I can do is wait--for him to get the treatment he needs, or else to be stuck in this delusion. We have a son and he wants to be living with our son.
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